Short film on Zack Sabre Jr.

It’s a story of adversity, perseverance and personal growth. EVOLVE and WWN are proud to release “A Short Film: Zack Sabre Jr.’s Road To The Title.”


Last Saturday, EVOLVE 79 in Queens, NY at La Boom saw the most genuinely emotional moment in EVOLVE history. Zack Sabre Jr. ended the 596 day reign of Timothy Thatcher to become the new EVOLVE Champion.


Kenny Johnson, the documentarian behind the acclaimed EVOLVE Mini-Doc series, followed Sabre Jr. for months leading to this historic championship match. The frustration, chaos and victory is all captured in a personal way with exclusive interviews and behind-the-scenes footage.


We invite you to watch “A Short Film: Zack Sabre Jr.’s Road To The Title” at for an intimate look at the journey to become a champion.

A Short Film:
Zack Sabre Jr.’s Road To The Title

Zack Sabre Jr. now brings the EVOLVE Championship to the WWNLive Experience on Wrestlemania weekend in Orlando. It could end up being a short title reign. ZSJ is immediately taking on the top challengers. It will be Zack Sabre Jr. vs. ACH for the EVOLVE Title at EVOLVE 80 on March 30th in Orlando. Here is a rundown of Sabre Jr.’s EVOLVE schedule:


– EVOLVE 80 – March 30th – Orlando, FL – 8 PM EDT

– EVOLVE 81 – March 31st – Orlando, FL – 4 PM EDT

– WWN Supershow – April 1st – Orlando, FL – 8 PM EDT

– EVOLVE 82 – April 22nd – Queens, NY – 6 PM EDT

– EVOLVE 83 – April 23rd – Brooklyn, NY – 8 PM EDT

– EVOLVE 84 – May 20th – Summit, IL – 8 PM CDT

– EVOLVE 85 – May 21st – Livonia, MI – 8 PM EDT

– EVOLVE 86 – June 24th – Melrose, MA – 7 PM EDT


Tickets for all these events are on sale at now! You can stream all of these live and Video on Demand with a subscription to Subscribe to FloSlam for just $20 a month or $150 for a whole year and get access to WWN Family productions, including EVOLVE Wrestling, SHINE Wrestling, Full Impact Pro Wrestling, Style Battle, American Combat Wrestling and Dragon Gate USA!

Go to the new for more information on EVOLVE and the entire WWN Family. Thank you for reading!

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