CHIKARA back in North Carolina July 8th


The fun-filled lucha super party travels down south once again! Visit us at the New Mid-Atlantic Sportatorium on July 8th for “The Lodger” at 7:00pm! It’ll be our only stop in North Carolina this year!

The Campeonatos de Parejas will be on the line as Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge defend against The Rumblebees! For their 5th defense, Crummels and Defarge look to prove that they can still best The Rumblebees (they faced off in Secret Season 17!) Will the additional experience The Rumblebees have be enough to overcome the “legitimate”  businessmen at “The Lodger”?

Two crustaceans are on a collision course as Hermit Crab defends his newly won Young Lions Cup against his partner, the Cajun Crawdad! The Young Lions Cup has been on fire this season and no one competitor has been able to hold onto it for long. These two certainly know each other well enough to scout the other’s weaknesses. Will the crustaceans be able to stay together regardless of the result at the conclusion of “The Lodger”? Find out on July 8th!

Fire Ant has set his sights towards Frightmare! Frightmare has single-handedly destroyed the anthill of CHIKARA, sending many into career-ending retirement. Fire Ant has decided to take a stand and face the “Spectre of Violence” head-on. There will only be one left standing in this Last Man Standing match come July 8th at “The Lodger”!
CHIKARA returns to North Carolina on July 8th!
Don’t miss your chance to attend both events; Buy your tickets today!

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