WWN Live News September 7, 2017

We have huge news for the upcoming WWN Seminar/Tryout, new match announcements and more. Let’s get to it….
September 7th: Tickets are currently on sale for several EVOLVE events at TicketFly.com including September 22nd in the Detroit area, September 23rd in the Chicago area, October 14th back home at La Boom in Queens, October 15th in East Haven, CT and December 10th in Melrose, MA. Click the link for building and show info.
September 7th: We are very excited to offer an opportunity to get booked in NXT to the participants of the WWN Seminar/Tryout on September 22nd in Livonia, MI. At least one individual will be selected to become a NXT extra provided all documents are completed in the correct manner. Additionally, a background check may be administrated. The WWN Seminar/Tryout is open to all wrestlers, referees and managers who have completed a training course. Special guest NXT Coach Norman Smiley will be there to scout the tryout matches and share his knowledge on how to get booked in WWE/NXT. Go to the WWNLive.com Seminar/Tryout section for all the info on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and learning experience.
September 7th: If you watched the new EVOLVE Mini-Doc, you know that EVOLVE Tag Team Champions James Drake & Anthony Henry took exception to the commentary of ACH & Ethan Page at EVOLVE 91. They said if ACH & Page want a title shot, they’ll get one. The already set match pitting Drake & Henry vs. ACH & Page for EVOLVE 92 on September 22nd in Livonia, MI will now be for the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles! The current lineup has:
EVOLVE Championship Match
Zack Sabre Jr. defends vs. Davey Richards
EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match
James Drake & Anthony Henry vs. Ethan Page & ACH
Grudge Tag Team Match
WWN Champion Matt Riddle & Keith Lee vs. Chris Dickinson & Jaka
Special Challenge Match
Fred Yehi vs. DJZ
Plus more to be signed with:
-Tracy Williams with Stokey Hathaway
-Darby Allin
-Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly
-Jason Kincaid
-Plus others to be announced!!!
September 7th: It will be James Drake vs. Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly and Anthony Henry vs. Jason Kincaid at EVOLVE 93 on September 23rd in Summit, IL.
September 7th: Negotiations are currently taking place for a Freelance Wrestling World Championship Match to be on EVOLVE 93. More soon. Here is the current lineup for the EVOLVE return to the Chicago area:
WWN Championship Match – Anything Goes
Matt Riddle defends vs. Tracy Williams with Stokely Hathaway
Bonus Main Event
Keith Lee vs. Davey Richards
Non-Title Special Challenge Match
EVOLVE Champion Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Fred Yehi
Special Challenge Match #1
Darby Allin vs. DJZ
Special Challenge Match #2
EVOLVE Tag Team Champion James Drake vs. Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly
Special Challenge Match #3
EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Anthony Henry vs. Jason Kincaid
Plus more to be signed with:
-Ethan Page
-Chris Dickinson
-Plus more to be added including a Freelance Wrestling Championship Match!!!
September 7th: We appreciate you taking a few moments out of your day to read the WWN Alerts. We’ll be back soon with the complete lineups for EVOLVE in Detroit and Chicago.

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