AIW returns to action this Saturday!!!

This week we stray from our usual format as we sit down with former WCW star Glacier and discuss his 20+ year career including how he almost wound up in the WWE.


Absolute Intense Wrestling is proud to present a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet one of the most respected and highly decorated professional wrestlers of all time, “The Iceman” Dean Malenko. Malenko will be participating in a very rare meet and greet session on Friday, September 15th, 2017 at 6PM in Cleveland, Ohio.

A veteran of over 20 years in the ring, and over 15 years working behind the scenes for World Wrestling Entertainment, Malenko is one of the most highly respected wrestlers of all time by fans and peers alike. Widely considered one of the best technical grapplers of all time, “The Man of 1000 Holds” competed all over the world for the largest promotions in professional wrestling during his career. Listed #1 in the 1997 PWI 500, Malenko was a two time WWF Light Heavyweight Champion, an unprecedented four time WCW Cruiserweight Champion, a one-time WCW Television and World Tag Team Champion, a two time ECW Television Champion, and a one-time ECW World Tag Team Champion. Malenko also was a member of some of the biggest stables in wrestling, including the Four Horsemen in WCW, the Radicalz in WWF/WWE, and the Triple Threat in ECW. Inducted into the 2300 Arena Hall of Fame in 2015, Malenko has served as one of the top agents and producers for World Wrestling Entertainment since his 2001 retirement.

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