CHIKARA Tooth and Claw Two Weeks Away


September 30th at 3:00pm EST, the fun-filled lucha super-party returns to home base, at The Wrestle Factory in Northeast Philadelphia, for “Tooth and Claw”! Join us live and see it all go down, the card will feature:


Mr. Touchdown challenges Juan Francisco de Coronado for the Grand Championship of CHIKARA! The history of these two spans multiple seasons and multiple golden opportunities. At “Tooth and Claw”, Touchdown and Juan Francisco compete for the grandest prize in all of CHIKARA, and one of them must live through the crushing pitfalls of defeat!


“The Amazing” Rory Gulak will grapple with Hallowicked at “Tooth and Claw”! Hallowicked has claimed that the only reason Gulak became the inaugural winner at the “Johnny Kidd Invitational” was because they were on separate sides of the bracket. On September 30th, any doubt in the mind of these competitors will be squashed, as this contest will be settled with one fall!


Ashley Vox will finally get her hands on Merlok! Since their first one-on-one encounter, Ashley has looked for ways to not only best the “Murderous Menace of the Deep” but to cause him pain like he caused her. Falling under the tutelage of Obariyon, Ashley has learned to embrace the darkness within her. But will this darkness be enough to topple her biggest foe, or will “Tooth and Claw” be another example of the devastation caused by the Emerald Flowsion?

“Tooth and Claw” is the last Philadelphia show before the finale!
Guarantee your seat inside The Wrestle Factory today!

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