CHIKARA Season Finale this Saturday


“Closing Time” is the final event of Season 18! We return home to The Wrestle Factory, tomorrow, December 2nd at 3:00pm to present a massive card, featuring:


Dasher Hatfield challenges Juan Francisco de Coronado for the Grand Championship of CHIKARA! The road to 3 points took Dasher through some of the largest challengers, in regards to size and competition, we have ever seen. Juan will have to be ready for a man on a mission to dethrone him when they meet tomorrow at “Closing Time”!


Hype Rockwell takes on Race Jaxon in a “Loser Wears a Mask” match! The former N_R_G partners imploded during Season 17 and the surprise return from Hype at “CHIKARASaurus Rex: Flesh and Stone” has put these two on a collision course for each other. Race Jaxon has decided the only way to never see Hype’s face again is to challenge him to a match where the loser will be forced to wear a mask. By the conclusion of “Closing Time”, somebody’s face will not be seen in CHIKARA again!


The Rumblebees battle the “legitimate businessmen” Cornelius Crummels and Sonny Defarge! These two teams have crisscrossed each other’s path all season and the finale will be no different. Both teams had their points reset to 0 by reigning campeonatos, Los Ice Cream, through nefarious distractions. Tomorrow, one team gets to restart their path to 3 points while the other starts Season 19 off on the ground floor!

Season 18 heads towards its “Closing Time”!
You can go home, but you could also stay here! Advanced ticket sales end TONIGHT!

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