WWN Live News December 1, 2017

We are just about a week away from the start of the next chapter of EVOLVE. We have some news that relates to NXT and more. Let’s get to it….
November 30th: There are still a few great ringside seats for EVOLVE next weekend on December 9th in Queens, NY and December 10th in Melrose, MA. You will now get more bang for your buck with nine matches on each event! However, the cards will still stay true to the no killer, all filler format you’ve come to expect from EVOLVE. Order tickets, get building info and the lastest lineups now at TicketFly.com. Use the code “CITY” for 10% off tickets to EVOLVE 97 in the Boston area.
November 30th: You can pre-order next weekend’s EVOLVE and Beyond Wrestling live iPPVs now at WWNLive.com.
November 30th: Congrats to Shane Mercer. He was selected at the last WWN Seminar/Tryout to be an extra at last Wednesday’s NXT taping. Mercer was pictured with NXT Head Coach Matt Bloom, met Triple H and wrestled The Street Profits in a match that will air on NXT TV! Mercer is coming to EVOLVE 96 and EVOLVE 97 from NXT. He will be in prelim matches on both EVOLVE events. Will Mercer’s stock continue to rise? The wave of new talent is going to EVOLVE on Dec. 9th and 10th.
November 30th: BREAKING NEWS– We are very excited to announce that the WWN Seminar/Tryout will once again provide an opportunity to get booked as an extra in NXT! At least one participant of the Dec. 8th WWN Seminar/Tryout in Long Island, NY will be booked on a future NXT taping (provided all documents are completed in the correct manner. Additionally, a background check may be administrated). There are only a few spots left in this WWN Seminar/Tryout. Go to WWNLive.com for info. You must have completed a reputable training course to apply.
November 30th: NXT GM William Regal is not just coming to be a special guest at the WWN Seminer/Tryout in a week. He will also be at EVOLVE 96 a week from Saturday in Queens, NY. Mr. Regal will be available for pictures and autographs before the event, but that is not the sole purpose of his visit. Mr. Regal has asked for the microphone and he will get it anytime he wants during the course of EVOLVE 96. The last time Mr. Regal was at EVOLVE he offered Tony Nese his WWE contract. What will happen at EVOLVE 96? You must be there in person to witness it.
November 30th: The WWN Family is in action this weekend with ACW from Port Richey, FL on live iPPV for only $4.99 for the live only option or $9.99 for the live and on demand option. Wtiness Parrow vs. Mitch Mitchell in a Steel Cage Match for the ACW Heavyweight Title. Could Mitchell put an end to The End?
November 30th: Thank you for one of our best Black Friday Sales ever! Your support allows us to make The WWN Family better for you! When you purchase our products we put the money right back into our promotions to give you even more value. Thank you! It is not too late for Black Friday type savings. All WWN Family Blu-rays, DVDs and Gear is 50% off! This includes the 10 new EVOLVE/WWN Supershow Blu-rays! However, the hats and shirts part of the sale will only last until this Monday, December 3rd at midnight EST. This is your last chance to get EVOLVE, SHINE and other WWN Family shirts and hats for only $10 each! Please go to the WWNLive.com Shopto browse our catalog.
November 30th: ATTN: FANS IN NYC & MASSACHUSETTS– The Holiday Season Sale on Blu-rays & DVDs will continue through the EVOLVE events on Dec. 9th in Queens, NY and Dec. 10th in Melrose, MA. This means you can get these deals in person at these shows. Hold on! We have some unbelievable news. If you have a 1st or 2nd row seat in Queens, NY or a 1st row seat in Melrose, MA you have a $10 merch credit. This means you can get a Blu-ray for FREE! You can still get one of these seats now at TicketFly.com. If you already bought one, we greatly appreciate the support and are excited to show our gratitude to you with this offer! Happy Holidays from The WWN Family!
November 30th: We are very proud of our free videos from matches to the EVOLVE 4K Mini-Docs. The weekend is almost here. It’s a great time to catch up and witness some compelling pro wrestling. We have ordered these videos as we would an EVOLVE TV show. Have a great weekend and enjoy some EVOLVE for FREE!

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