The best decision by WWE last night was…

We’re less than 24 hours after the Royal Rumble and for the majority of the groups and websites that I’ve seen this event was a success and I can tell you that I am 1000% agreeing with that.  We had last night one of the greatest Royal Rumble’s of all time with the men and history was made with the women.  But of all the booking decisions that WWE made last night there was one and ONLY one decision that they made last night that was by far the easiest and best decision they could’ve made.  What decision was it?  By not having Ronda Rousey compete in the Royal Rumble match.  Some of you might be scratching your heads with that answer, let me explain.


For a long time the rumors that had been going around was that Ronda Rousey, easily one of the most recognizable female athletes in the world was going to join WWE and with the Royal Rumble around the corner a lot of people were thinking that she would be apart of the women’s match.  While it would’ve been pretty cool to have seen her in the historic match, her not being in the match ends up being the best decision WWE could’ve made.  It’s real simple, let’s say that Rousey had entered the Royal Rumble and would have fulfilled everybody’s dreams of being in the match then what do you do?  If she gets eliminated especially by somebody the fans don’t like it will get booed, if Rousey eliminates Asuka then you would have had people upset that Rousey, who isn’t even a wrestler was the one to “end the streak of Asuka” and people would be going crazy.  Just the fact that she didn’t compete was so smart because you can build her up for whatever is to happen at Wrestlemania.


In a weird way Rousey ends up being one of the winners of the night by not competing at all.  Where the career of Ronda Rousey goes we don’t know but no matter what happens with her run, if she is successful or if it is a major flop she created a moment not only in Royal Rumble history but in WWE history that most people will never forget.  The ball is now in her hands, let’s see if she can deliver a slam dunk.

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