WWN Live News May 18, 2018

Darby Allin Questions Everything


We are back with a look at this Sunday’s EVOLVE 105 in Detroit and more. Let’s get to it….


May 18th: You can still get tickets for EVOLVE this Saturday in the Chicago area and this Sunday in the Detroit area at TicketFly.com. You can just print your tickets at home or show the barcode on your cellphone. No need to deal with will call!


May 18th: We’ll have several match announcements for EVOLVE on June 23rd in Queens, NY and June 24th in Melrose, MA next week right here in the WWN Alerts. Tickets are now on sale for both events at TicketFly.com. Reserved ringside are selling quickly for the return to La Boom so we suggest you get yours now.


May 18th: You can now pre-order this weekend’s EVOLVE live iPPVs at WWNLive.com. Remember, join Club WWN and get 50% off!


May 18th: We previewed this Saturday’s EVOLVE 104 in yesterday’s WWN Alerts. Here’s a quick match rundown:


-WWN Championshp Match: Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly defends vs. DJZ


-Non-Title: EVOLVE Champion Matt Riddle vs. Shane Strickland


-EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match – Anything Goes: Chris Dickinson & Jaka with Stokely  Hathaway vs. The End


-Keith Lee vs. James Drake


-Tracy Williams vs. Dominic Garrini with Stokely Hathaway


-AR Fox with The Skulk vs. Zachary Wentz


-Anthony Henry vs. Stevie Fierce


-Matt Knicks, Chris Castro & Isaias Velazquez vs. J.Spade, Amarok & Jonny Flex


-Four Way Freestyle: Darby Allin vs. Trey Miguel vs. Myron Reed vs. Snoop Strikes


May 18th: EVOLVE looks to set an attendance record this Sunday in Detroit! You know that this will make it a very special event. Here’s a quickie preview….


EVOLVE 105 – May 20th – Livonia, MI – 8pm EDT – Tickets & Info – Live iPPV



EVOLVE Championship Match – No Rope Break Match – The Final War
Matt Riddle defends vs. Keith Lee


These two had one of the most intense rivalries of 2017. The last chapter in EVOLVE saw Keith Lee win the WWN Championship from Matt Riddle. Style Battle S1:Finale saw Riddle even the score by defeating Lee in a quick match. Lee entered the match with a leg injury. They both decided that there needs to be one more battle. It will go down this Sunday and for the first time it’ll be for the EVOLVE Championship with No Rope Breaks. Who is your pick to win?


EVOLVE Tag Team Championship Match (if Catch Point retain at EVOLVE 104)
Chris Dickinson & Jaka with Stokely Hathaway & Dominic Garrini defend vs.
James Drake & Anthony Henry
Drake & Henry surprised everyone when they defeated Dickinson & Jaka for the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles last July. Since that time, Dickinson & Jaka won the tag titles back, but it wasn’t against Drake & Henry. These two teams have never had a proper end to their rivalry. They will this Sunday and the EVOLVE Tag Team Titles could be on the line. Can Drake & Henry create magic again?
Grudge Match
Tracy Williams vs. Odinson of The End
The End battled Tracy Williams when he was a member of Catch Point. Now Williams finds himself on his own. He’ll be faced with the force known as Odinson. Can The End finish the job on Williams or will he survive?
Special Attraction Match
Darby Allin vs. Shane Strickland
Darby looks to make a comeback, but he’ll be confronted with one of the top stars and most dynamic athletes on the independents. Who do you think will be victorious?
The Present vs. The Future Match #1 – Non-Title
WWN Champion Austin Theory with Priscilla Kelly vs. Trey Miguel
There’s lots of new talent coming to EVOLVE this weekend. They will be tested. Miguel will get the biggest opportunity when he faces the WWN Champion in a non-title match. Can Miguel make his reputation in one night by pinning the champ?
The Present vs. The Future Match #2
DJZ vs. Zachary Wentz
These two great athletes both have high stakes. DJZ could enter this match as WWN Champion after EVOLVE 104. Wentz is a rising star and has already made an impression in Dragon Gate. Can he make an impression at the expense of DJZ in Detroit?
The Present vs. The Future Match #3
AR Fox vs. Myron Reed
There might be no match the entire weekend that can match the insane athleticism of Fox and Reed. Can this match steal the show?
Tag Team Attraction
The End vs. N8 Mattson & Orlando Christopher
Mattson is a Detroit area favorite and veteran. Christopher is rising quickly on the scene. They will be faced with the dangerous End in their home market. What will happen?
2 begin, another enters every minute, eliminations anytime, last man is the winner!
Already confirmed are, Snoop Strikes, J.Spade, Amarok, Jonny Flex with others to be added
FRAY! was a trademark match in EVOLVE, but we haven’t seen it in some time. The fight for roster spots in EVOLVE is getting more and more competitive. Everyone in this fight needs to be the last man standing. Who will get the big win?
EVOLVE stars will be available for a meet & greet before and after the event!
May 18th: We apologize, but due to staffing issues EVOLVE will not have any free matches on Facebook this weekend. Everything will be streamed on live iPPV at WWNLive.com. Please follow the EVOLVE Twitter for all the latest happenings at the live events this weekend.
May 18th: Thank you for reading today’s WWN Alerts. We hope to see you either in Chicago or Detroit for EVOLVE this weekend. If you can’t make it, you can still be part of the party by watching the live iPPV at WWNLive.com. Thank you for your support!
We Enter The Matt Riddle Era This Weekend. See How We Got Here With This Short Film. Will Keith Lee Make It A Short Era?

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