WWN Live News June 10, 2018

Friday’s news that NXT North American Champion Adam Cole is coming to EVOLVE 107 on June 24th in Melrose, MA for a title defense has sent shockwaves through the EVOLVE locker room. We have the latest in this special Sunday edition of the WWN Alerts. Let’s get to it….
June 10th: TIX ALERT- Tickets have been selling quickly for EVOLVE 107 since the announcement of Adam Cole on Friday. This could sellout after his opponent is named this Monday afternoon. Get tickets now at TicketFly.com.
June 10th: WWE.com ran this article looking at Cole’s appearance with mentions of EVOLVE Champion Matt Riddle, EVOLVE Tag Team Champions Chris Dickinson & Jaka, WWN Champion Austin Theory and others.
June 10th: WWE also sent out this tweet from its main Twitter account. This shows how historic this match will be as the NXT North American Title is defended on a United States independent wrestling promotion for the first time.
June 10th: Several members of the EVOLVE roster have tweeted looking to be considered for the NXT North American Championship Match on June 24th in Melrose, MA at EVOLVE 107. Check @WWNEVOLVE for these tweets. Some notable tweets are:
-Catch Point owner Stokely Hathaway is always one step ahead of the game on social media. He has this video message for NXT North American Champion Adam Cole.
-Darby Allin has demanded the match.
-JD Drake is willing to postpone his family vacation for this historic title opportunity.
-WWN Champion Austin Theory sent out this tweet, and he was backed by his manager Priscilla Kelly’s tweet. They are the only ones making a different kind of offer to Cole.
-Shane Strickland has made his goals clear.
-WALTER has eyes on this situation.
-Newest WWN contract signee Anthony Henry wants his opportunity.
-AR Fox is already preparing in case he gets the North American Title shot.
-EVOLVE Tag Team Champion Jaka was as surprised as everyone at the announcement on Friday.
-Jarek 1:20 is motivated to get in the ring with Cole.
-Dominic Garrini is looking for Stokely Hathaway to use his influence.
-Newcomer Josh Briggs is very confident he should get the NXT North American Title shot.
June 10th: We hope you are having a great weekend! We appreciate you taking a moment to read this special Sunday edition of the WWN Alerts. Who do you want to see Adam Cole against at EVOLVE 107? Tweet using hashtag #EVOLVE107 and let us know. We’ll be back Monday afternoon with the reveal. Thank you for your support!

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