Where’s the hype for the Evolution Pay Per View?

As of this writing we are three weeks away from the Evolution pay per view, the all women’s wrestling event from WWE.  I know I’m not the only one looking forward to this event because it is an all women’s show which isn’t a first it has been done many times.  But I have one major, let me say it so I get my message across, MAJOR problem.  Where is the hype for this event?


The announcement for this event was back in July and if you have been keeping track of the latest trend with WWE which is announcing events months in advance you would think they have really hyped this show and made it very important.  Guess how many matches have been confirmed for this show only three weeks away?  If you guessed four then congratulations you are the winner.  FOUR MATCHES!!!!  Four matches have been confirmed for the Evolution event.  Alexa Bliss against Trish Stratus, Mickie James facing Lita, the finals of the Mae Young Classic (which has been great to watch if you haven’t had a chance to watch the tournament at all) and the NXT Women’s Title will be defended.  Are you going to say to me that an all women’s event that during the summer was made a huge deal in the summer doesn’t mean anything now???


You just finished your big event in Australia, your last Sunday pay per view was three weeks ago and you don’t have another pay per view until Survivor Series which is three weeks later.  Where is the injustice that this event isn’t getting any hype?  You can’t push the event on well we will have fifty female wrestlers at the show, hall of famers, legends, former champions.  I want to know what matches are going to take place.  Title matches need to be announced, we need grudge matches, we need something.  I don’t think people will sit on their thumbs waiting until the last week before the show to get the ENTIRE CARD for the show.  When I was a kid and pay per views were coming up they would announce the card weeks in advance and for the most part the card was set.


I know it is 2018 and we live in a wrestling world today of spoilers, social media, smarks and marks, groups on the internet and so on but you said we are going to get this show and it doesn’t feel important at all.  What did you do to help get this show hyped during Summerslam?  By hyping a match that wasn’t taking place for another month and a half that I’m not sure everybody REALLY wanted to see.  How did you help hyping this event during Hell in a Cell?  Not mentioning it a whole lot if at any point.  And what about the recent show in Australia?  By giving us an add about what little girls are made of.  WHAT ARE YOU DOING????


Am I saying that I’m not going to watch this event?  No I’m not I am going to watch this show and support the women, but this is just a hypocrisy that what could be one of the biggest wrestling events of the year has been overlooked before the event takes place and will be overlooked AFTER the event because that same week is the second live Saudi Arabia show taking place where no women will be allowed to be there at all.  Way to screw the women over WWE.


I want this to work I really do but the way they have “hyped” this show which is little to none it feels like has given me a bad vibe about this show.  It depends on what happens this week on Raw and Smackdown.  If they can announce a few matches for this show this week on these two respective shows then there is a chance interest will come.  Otherwise, this show will take a nose dive into the ground and will be remembered as nothing more then a failed attempt to push the women’s evolution of WWE.

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