WWN Seminar with NXT Trainers



FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                  January 29th, 2019
WWN is excited to reveal more details for the first-ever WWN Seminar/Tryout in Atlanta, GA on February 14th and a WWN Seminar/Tryout during Wrestlemania week in Queens, NY on April 3rd.
WWN is honored to host special guest NXT Coach Robby Brookside (pictured above at a recent WWN Seminar/Tryout) on February 14th in Atlanta. Brookside will teach the same techniques that he does at the WWE Performance Center. You normally have to be under WWE contract to get this knowledge. In addition, Brookside will give you lessons on what it takes to get signed by WWE, be successful in NXT and what you need to know to grow at the WWE PC.

The WWN Seminar/Tryout has seen almost 100 wrestlers, referees and managers discovered to perform on WWN Family events, including EVOLVE, SHINE and FIP. Several have even earned WWN contracts. In addition, several talents have appeared on NXT TV after being discovered in the WWN Seminar/Tryout. The upcoming WWN Seminar/Tryouts will continue the talent discovery process.
It is important to note that the WWN Seminar/Tryout is only for wrestlers, managers and referees who have completed a reputable training course. You must fill out an application in the WWNLive.com Seminar/Tryout section and be approved to reserve your spot. Please do not waste your time and our time by filling out an application if you have not completed a reputable training course.
The WWN Seminar/Tryout on February 14th in Atlanta will include:
-An extensive in ring seminar by Coach Brookside. This is a chance to learn the WWE way.
-A lecture from WWN VP Of Talent Relations and WWE Creative Consultant Gabe Sapolsky. This will give you the tools you need to be successful behind-the-scenes such as how to get booked, how to build a character, how to perfect promos and also warnings of things that will sabotage your career.
-Each participant will get a tryout match. These matches will be filmed in HD with multiple cameras. You will be given the footage to use however you want. It is important to have professional footage to send to promoters if you are asking for work.
-The tryout matches will be scouted by Coach Brookside and Sapolsky. Brookside will be available for additional feedback.
-A written assessment from Sapolsky on what you need to do to improve and get booked.
-At least one participant will be selected to go to NXT TV as an extra (after filling out the proper WWE paperwork). This is a chance to observe and learn what happens behind-the-scenes at a NXT TV taping. It is an opportunity to potentially get on NXT TV.
-At least one participant will be booked on a future EVOLVE event depending on your availability. We will have at least one spot on the EVOLVE event in Atlanta on February 15th, but if the selected talent cannot make that show we will have an open door for a future opportunity.
Please note that this will be at the WWA4 School in Atlanta. This is a rare chance to attend a WWN Seminar/Tryout in the South. We will send you more information once you are accepted and you reserve your spot. This is a special evening WWN Seminar/Tryout and is expected to go from about 7pm-midnight.
The WWN Seminar/Tryout on Wednesday, April 3rd will be an all day WWN Seminar/Tryout with a special guest NXT Coach to be determined. This will be a total learning experience. It is an excellent opportunity for any wrestler, referee or manager coming to the area for the Wrestlemania events. It is expected to start in the afternoon with the exact time TBD soon.
We are very proud of the results of past WWN Seminar/Tryouts. The goal is to educate, make you better and give you a real opportunity. If you are interested please fill out the application. Thank you. We look forward to seeing what you got!

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