Non-Tournament Matches for Young Lions Cup


Our yearly tournament of youthful talent, “Young Lions Cup XV”, is just 2 weeks away! In addition to the bouts scheduled between 16 young talents, non-tournament action will also be on hand. Join us 3/16 at 3:00pm and 7:00pm EST at The Wrestle Factory for both stages of the 2019 Young Lions Cup tournament! Action in store for the 1st Stage includes:



Mr. Touchdown will go one-on-one with Chris Dickinson! The last time these two were in the ring together, Mr. Touchdown was carted away with a serious leg injury. Interim Grand Champion, Dasher Hatfield, has organized this match as a test of Touchdown’s readiness to resume his reign as Grand Champion. Will CHIKARA’s resident football star break through this hurdle put before him; or will the hitman from Beyond Wrestling return our Grand Champion to the bench? Find out during “Young Lions Cup XV: Stage 1″!

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Missile Assault Man will lock horns with Rory Gulak! This first time ever interaction will surely be one for the ages as these two athletes epitomize strength and ferocity. Join us in person on 3/16 to see these two showcase their talents!

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Lucas Calhoun will be chained to Volgar in an UNSANCTIONED CHAIN MATCH! Calhoun begged our Director of Fun, Bryce Remsburg, for a way to finally “free himself from the chains of The Proteus Wheel”. After weeks of interactions between Calhoun, Remsburg, and Professor Nicodemus, the decision was made that Calhoun would be allowed his match, but it would not be sanctioned by the authority of CHIKARA. At “Young Lions Cup XV: Stage 1”there is only one question that remains, “Are you with us?”

“Young Lions Cup XV” offers a chance for young talent to make their name!
These 3 contests, 16 Young Lions, and 2 great events on 1 day!

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