WWN Live News June 20, 2019


WWE.com has released the EVOLVE lineups for next weekend. Let’s get to it….


EVOLVE Lineups Trending: The WWE.com article announcing the EVOLVE 129 and EVOLVE 130 lineups in New York City next week is trending! Click here to read the new match announcements. Please note that some of the EVOLVE 130 matches will be added after the events of EVOLVE 129.


ATTN: WRESTLERS, REFEREES & MANAGERS- There are still spots available for the June 30th WWN Seminar/Tryout featuring guest host Roderick Strong. This is the only WWN Seminar/Tryout of the summer in the Northeast. At least one talent will be selected to wrestle on EVOLVE 130 that evening. At least one talent will be selected to go to NXT TV! This is your only chance to learn from an accomplished veteran like Roderick Strong. Go to the WWNLive.com Seminar/Tryout section for info.


More WWN Recruitment Camp Info: We will have the press release with all the details of the next WWN Recruitment Camp on August 16th-18th tomorrow. We have already announced that WWE Talent Scout William Regal will be in attendance for a full day seminar. We are very excited to announce that WWE Performance Center Strength & Conditioning Coach Sean Hayes will conduct a seminar. This expands on the educational efforts of the first WWN Recruitment Camp last April. This is just a taste of what this 3-day course will feature. All the details will be released tomorrow.


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Conclusion: We appreciate you taking a few moments out of your day to open up and check out today’s WWN Alerts. Thank you!


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