Impact Wrestling on AXStv review 8/5/21

Helloooo ladies and gentlemen! Lemme take moment to catch you up on some important info in case you don’t follow Impact like i do. Impact currently airs Thursday nights on AXSTV. The current champions are as follows:

–Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Decay (Havok and Rosemary)

–Impact Tag Team Champions: Good Brothers ( Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson)

–X-Division Champion: “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander

–Knockouts Champion: “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo

–Unified Impact World Champion: “The Cleaner” Kenny ByGawd Omega

Ok, housecleaning out of the way, let’s get to your official review of this week’s Impact Wrestling on AXS!

1st match out the gate is Chris Bey w/ King Switch Jay White vs Juice Robinson w/ David Finlay in a match where Bey is trying to prove himself to White. This was a really good match, with both guys showcasing their unique brands of athleticism and charisma. Bey used his speed and unpredictability to get the early advantage but Robinson made the comeback with his strength and agility. The distraction of Finlay and White coming to blows on the outside was all Bey needed to hit the Art of Finesse for the victory. After the match, White officially made Bey part of Bullet Club. I really liked this match, Bey got a good win and both guys got an opportunity to show out a little. Thought it could have gone a little longer but we have a 2 hour time limit on the show. 7/10.

Up next, the Elite attempted to cut a very mediocre promo backstage but were interrupted by Violent By Design, who announced they will be enacting their rematch clause against the Good Brothers at Emergence. We have our first match for Emergence. Nice.

Back in the ring, “Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt (fka Aiden English) makes his AXSTV debut alongside “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo, as your official Impact Homecoming King and Queen. Deonna rattles off her very impressive and rapidly growing list of accomplishments while the crowd firmly roasts both superstars, until Mickie James interrupts to have Deonna officially sign the contract for her Knockouts Championship defense at NWA Empowerrr. When Purrazzo insists on knowing her opponent, out comes…..MELINA!!!!!! Deonna Purrazzo vs Melina for the Knockouts title at Empowerrr? Ok, this actually has the potential to be a match of the year candidate. Not joking. Melina can go and Deonna is very quickly becoming one of the best in the world.

Taylor Wilde finally addresses her almost two month absence, saying SOMEONE reported her as a Person of Interest with border patrol in Canada, and that someone she knows is Tennille Dashwood. So, she beat up Kaleb (with a K) last week and wants Tennille next week. That’s a match with a lot of potential, and I’m happy to see Wilde hasn’t lost a step in her promo game.

Apparently Su Yung has claimed Kimber Lee’s soul and turned her into an undead bridesmaid. This storyline is interesting but creepy. They apparently have a target. Probably the Virtuosa.

Our second match of the evening is a #1 contenders match for the X Division title between Rojit Raju, Jake Something, Daivari (yes, THAT Daivari, Shawn not Aria), and Trey Miguel. This match was exactly what you expect from an Impact 4Way match. Lots of fast, hard hitting action with each guy getting their moment to showcase what makes them special. Jake Something wound up winning with his explosive strength when he powerbombed and pinned Rojit. My biggest takeaway is that they are criminally underutilizing Trey Miguel, but Jake Something definitely has an it factor and it’s fun to watch him grow every week. 7.5/10.

Emergence is officially announced for August 20th, and we then get our second announced match as Scott D’Amore informs Josh Alexander he will defend the X-Division title against Jake Something. That should be a really, really good match with a lot of hard hitting power moves by two bruisers who can go. Daivari interrupted and challenged Alexander next week. He wins, he jumps Something in line. I actually like this matchup too, as Daivari and Alexander have very similar styles. Should be a good match next week.

Next match up is a grudge match between Fire n Flava and Jordan Grace and Rachel Ellering. It was a pretty good, though mostly one sided match that allowed Grace and Ellering to showcase their ridiculous strength and speed combo and showed the toughness of Hogan and Steelz. Match ended with a ridiculous combo move by Ellering and Grace. After the match Savannah Evans debuted by absolutely destroying Keira Hogan while Tasha simply watched then left with Evans, effectively dissolving the team and likely sending Hogan off into the sunset as her contract is up. Evans is a massive, massive woman, and I’m intrigued. 6/10 for the match as it was mostly 1 sided. I’m gonna miss Fire N Flava but I’m interested to see what Steelz does now.

Scott d’Amore decided to up the ante for Emergence, informing Violent By Design that it will be a three way tag match between them, the Good Brothers, and Rich Swann & Willie Mack for the Impact Tag Team Championships. Another potentially great match set. So far Emergence is looking good.

Steve Maclin vs Jah-C is next. Typical squash match as they’re trying to build Maclin to be a destructive force. The match was not very important, but what happened after was as Petey Williams once again stopped a post-match beatdown by Maclin. I have a feeling a match is coming between these two sooner rather than later and it should be a really good match. As for this match, 2/10.

D’Amore is busy tonight. He interrupted All About Me with Tenille Dashwood and Kaleb With a K to inform Dashwood that if she wants to avoid an investigation into the border incident she’ll face Taylor Wilde next week. If they keep the shenanigans at a minimum, this could be a really good Knockouts match next week.

Chris Sabin is interviewed backstage and says Moose is the first person who has brought legitimate hate out of him. He promises to win the #1 Contender Battle Royal, beat Omega, and prevent Moose from ever becoming World Champ. This Battle Royal is shaping up to be intense with Callahan, Moose, and Sabin all confirmed so far.

And we’ve reached the main event. Its gonna be The Elite (Good Brothers and Kenny ByGod Omega) w/ Don Callis vs Eddie Edwards, “The Draw” Sami Callahan, and “The Elite Hunter” Frankie Kazarian, who comes home after many years away from Impact. This match started fast and chaotic, just as you’d expect, but settled down pretty quickly. Fans were showing Kaz some serious love and were firmly on the side of Team Impact. A lot of good back and forth with the teamwork of the Elite balancing out the fire of Team Impact. Thought we’d get an Elite win here, but they decided to do the surprise thing and it was Team Impact getting the huge W after Callahan took out Omega with a piledriver on the apron that left him down and out on the floor, allowing Eddie to nail Anderson with a Blue Thunderbomb and Boston Knee Party for the win. 8/10, great match and good ending. I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Omega vs Sami.

After the match W Morrissey got his revenge for the loss to Eddie at Homecoming with a massive powerbomb, signaling this rivalry is far from over.

Well, that’s the show. Decent show this week, though not as much in ring action as usual and no Swinger’s Palace, so that was a disappointment. Overall though, good show, good start to the build for Emergence, NJPW Resurgence ( Finlay will take on Switchblade Jay White for the Never Openweight title) and Empowerr. I’m really loving these partnerships between the companies, its making for very interesting matchups and storylines. If you watched Impact this week, lemme know what you thought in the comments. Also, if you have anything you want me to focus on in next week’s review feel free to lemme know. Thank you, keep watching, good night *muah*, and good bye *bang*.

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