Impact Wrestling on AXSTv review 8/12/21

Welcome back, welcome back, wel-come baaaaack! Lets hop right into the review!

Your opening match of the evening is Tennille Dashwood vs Taylor Wilde. This was actually a pretty damn good Knockouts match. Lots of good back and forth, with the crowd firmly behind Wilde. Taylor definitely looked good, and doesn’t look like she took nearly a decade off after retiring. Only issue I had is that Kaleb with a K got involved a little more than I would have liked. Dashwood was a bit more aggressive than she has been recently and it made it a much better match. The match ended with the surprise return of Madison Rayne, who took out Wilde and left her open for the Spotlight Kick. After the match, Rayne and Dashwood embraced, so it looks like Dashwood finally found herself a partner. Interesting team up, definitely has potential. 7/10 for the match.

Up next we keep the action going with a match I’ve been looking forward to since they announced it last week. “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander vs Shawn Daivari. This match delivered exactly what I expected. Two athletic, hard hitting guys in a fight. This match had a lot of back and forth with both guys throwing bombs at each other the majority of the match. There was very little feeling out or down time, just hard hitting action. The match ended with Alexander nailing the C4. Jake Something was on the ramp for the whole match, and afterwards he hit the ring, snatched the X Division belt from the ref, held it for a second, then shoved into the chest of Alexander. No words needed, message sent loud and clear. This should be a damn good match at Emergence. 7.5/10 for this match, thoroughly enjoyed it.

Violent By Design interrupted the Good Brothers and said at Emergence they take back control. Doc Gallows trashed everyone then challenged big Joe Doehring to a match next week. Ah hell yeah, hoss fight between two of the best big guys in the game next week. Lets goooo.

Keira Hogan came out to address Tasha Steelz and her “big, goofy ass friend” and challenged them both to a fight. Unfortunately for the Hottest Flame, Su Yung and Kimber Lee came out instead, and Kimber Lee, who appeared to be under the control of Su Yung like some kind of puppet, took out Keira with a Bloody Glove Mandible Claw, then dragged her out of the arena by her hair. Well that was a bit creepy.

Omega and Callis promised that Omega will leave Rampage still Impact champ and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. This should be a very entertaining match.

Ok, back to the action, as King Switch Jay White and Chris Bey battle FinJuice in a grudge match. This match was just as good as I expected it to be. It started quick and maintained a good, fast pace with innovative double team maneuvers throughout. White and the Ultimate Finesser showed excellent continuity despite being a very new team. Bey fits right in. We also got a nice preview of Resurgence with White and David Finlay trading some bombs near the end. Match ended in a disappointing DQ however when King Switch dropped Juice Robinson with a chair, which he then proceeded to literally throw in Finlay’s face after a brief back and forth. Then he nailed him with a Blade Runner on the chair, getting some momentum heading into NJPW Resurgence. 7/10 because of the DQ finish, but i did thoroughly enjoy this match.

Tasha said she dropped Keira last week because she’s done riding the heat wave since it’s clearly cooling off. Fallah Bahh interrupted to ask for her and Savannah Evans’s help with Rosemary and Havok. Tasha said she’s down since they have her titles.

We go back to the action with Zack Ry….I mean, Matt Cardona facing newcomer John Skyler. This had all the makings of a squash match but Skyler made an impressive comeback. Things went from interesting to downright shocking when the Desi Hit Squad interrupted, allowing Skyler to hit a huge leaping knee and a roll-up for the massive upset win! 6/10 for the shock ending.

And we’ve reached the main event of the evening. Its a 20-Man Battle Royal to determine the new number 1 contender to the Impact World Championship. Eddie Edwards out first, Sami Callahan out last, lot of big names including Moose, Sabin, Morrissey, Meyers, and Trey Miguel. Match started quick with W Morrissey eliminating Suicide, Swinger, and Hernandez in dominant fashion. This caused the entire rest of the field to team up and eliminate Morrissey. Next elimination was Petey Williams, who got taken out thanks to a distraction by Maclin. Meanwhile, Sami tried to reunite OvE with Fulton but got dropped instead. Swann took out Deaner, who then helped Rhyno eliminate Swann, before Willie Mack eliminated Rhyno. Then Ace and Fulton eliminated Mack, removing a few favorites from the match and continuing the tag team rivalries. No Way somehow survived to this point but finally got taken out by Madman Fulton. Fulton then pulled the ultimate sacrifice move, taking an elimination from Fallah Bahh to save Ace Austin. Meyers used Beale to eliminate Trey, while Moose took out Eddie. Huge elimination right there as Eddie was a massive favorite. Sabin slices through the ropes and drags out Moose, fighting him on the floor. Meyers eliminated Beale, which might not be smart with this many guys left. He immediately eats a Callihan Piledriver, Mr Wonderful style. Sami tossed Ace but Fulton caught him, allowing Sami to then hit a ridiculous clothesline to Ace off Fulton’s shoulders for the elimination. Moose immediately eliminated Sami. Two big favorites gone back to back. Moose, Meyers, Sabin left, and Moose and Sabin go at it, and that’s where things got super surprising. Meyers popped up and eliminated them both. The new number one contender is…Brian Meyers?! Did not see that coming with the names they had in this match. 7.5/10, actually an entertaining battle royal with a massively surprising ending. That ending actually took some balls.

Good show this week, nice build to Emergence. However, we are not quite done yet. I’m gonna add one thing to this review because it’s relevant.

Christian Cage vs Kenny ByGawd Omega for the Impact World Championship from AEW Rampage. THIS MATCH WAS FIRE. This match was better than I expected and had everything we wanted, with great back and forth action. And minimal interference until the end. And ladies and gentlemen…WE HAVE A NEEEEWWWWW IMPACT UNIFIED WORLD CHAMPION!!!!! CHRISTIAN CAAAAAGE! KILLSWITCH TO THE CHAIR AND THE 1,2,3! THE BUCKS COST KENNY HIS FIRST TITLE!!!! 8.5/10

So now it’s gonna be Christian vs Meyers at Emergence!

Thank you for joining me this week, tune in next week as we build towards Emergence!

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