Monday night raw review

Welcome to Monday Night Meh!

The show before a major pay per view should be good, it should get people excited to subscribe to Peacock if they haven’t already, it should make people excited about the major PPV that’s about to happen.  But should is never inevitable.

Yesterday morning I actually watched Smack Down after a busy weekend and was actually pleasantly surprised.  The opening segment with Cena and Roman was amazing, the match where Shinsuke Nakamura beat Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Championship was good and I like the decision to give him the title, and the contract signing between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair was very good to close the show.  Smack Down made me excited for Summer Slam, not going to lie, and it also got me excited to write my first review of Monday Night Raw, but unfortunately my hopes where not met.

Not saying there where not any segments I didn’t like.  Mansoor beating Mace after it seemed like he was going to get squashed at the beginning of the match made me happy.  The return of RK-Bro after it looked like they where done was a smart move (and so is the challenge to AJ Styles and Omos for the tag titles because, hate to say it, but I think RK-Bro are the only formidable challengers right now).  I also liked how they are finally using Karrion Kross as the monster he could be, still work to be done for him though.  Also Lashley and Goldberg was good.  Everything else, though, was kind of just meh.  Nothing I mentioned was shockingly good either.  Nothing kept me interested like Smack Down did, which is surprising, because I am normally more impressed with RAW.

Should you watch it?

I’m going to go with maybe on this one, because it’s the last episode until Saturday’s Summer Slam, at least watch the highlights, but this show really wasn’t any better than how RAW was in past weeks, which is a shame because it’s the final show before a Big Four Pay Per View.

Until next week when I write another review of Monday Night Raw

This has been Ted Gram and you have just been taken to Grammar School

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