HCW Starpower # 1 & Wildside #1

Starpower #1 (8/9/21) *Memphis, TN*

INTRO: The Mikester and Fernando de Chavez welcome the HCW fans.

MATCH 1: Kurrogowallah def. Xiao Jie with Uluru to win the Television title.

MATCH 2: Tanya Prince w/ JL Park def. Kelly Lewis with a rollup with tights. Brittany Faria comes in to beat up but Kitty James runs in for the save.

BREAK: Millie Bobby Six talks to The Body Doubles about their upcoming Tag Team title match against The Cartel. Ms. Stacy vows that the twins will regain the titles and that Wally Sneed and Snakefingers are not in their caliber of her team.

MATCH 3: Hazard def. Tommy Gunn by knock out. He is approached by The Showstopper who agrees to manage him.

MATCH 4: The Body Doubles w/ Ms. Stacy def. The Cartel (Wally Sneed & Snakefingers) to win the Tag Team titles. 

BREAK: HCW announced that CJ Lang and DC Walker have retired. Also, Dusty Hammond says that he will become the Maryland title.

MATCH 5: 2 Cold Scorpio wins the Chesapeake title (formerly Intercontinental) over Ultimate Hamma. 

MATCH 6: The Black Spades w/ Sera def. CEM Solutions w/ Dunkin and Da Hit Squad w/ Ultimate Hamma to win the Trios title.

BREAK: HCW announces that Fall Brawl will be held in Seattle, WA with two War Games matches- Ace KO Club vs League of Intimidation and The Black Spades will defend their Trios title against CEM Solutions!

MATCH 7: Dusty Hammond def. Rich Action to win the Maryland (formerly World) title. Jake Roberts teases challenging Hammond for the title but walks away.

Wildside #1 (8/11/21) *Nashville, TN*

INTRO: The Mikester and Fernando de Chavez welcome the HCW fans.

MATCH 1: Brawn Lee def. George South. 

MATCH 2: Texas Hangmen def. Da Hit Squad (Chunky Monkey & Ichibon).

BREAK: The Juice debuts his promo and plans to bring the party back to HCW, despite being in his late 40s.

MATCH 3: Maryland Tag Team champions Project Vanity w/ Feline Fun def. The Fantastics by count out.

MATCH 4: Antoine Declerck w/ Mr. Black def. Savannah Jean Grimm w/ Madman.

BREAK: Fall Brawl news by Millie Bobby Six :

Ace KO Club announced its members for the War Games- Ryan Evans, Kelly Lewis, Game Styles and Anime Girl; The League will be represented by Stuart Kinsel, Roxy Monoxide, Women’s World champion Hannah Su Park, and Vinnie Mahoney.

The Trios title between Black Spades and CEM Solutions will NOT be defended in War Games mode, but the Empire of Pain and The Cartel will face off in War Games instead.

Dusty Hammond will defend the Maryland title against Jake Roberts.

MATCH 5: League of Intimidation (Dusty Hammond, Brittany Faria & Tanya Prince) w/ JL Park def. Ace KO Club (Ryan Evans, Kelly Lewis & Kitty James) and The Cartel (Suave the Ladies Man, Rico Sanchez & Wally Sneed) in a 3-Way Dance. After the match, Jake Roberts DDTs Dusty Hammond and Brittany Faria before leaving.

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