Monday Night RAW review 8/23

Monday Night RAW a smash hit

After last week’s lackluster episode I had low expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised.  Every week a good show is one that prepares the audience for the next show in my mind and there have been several storylines that where built this week’s RAW that have major legs on them, possibly even Extreme Rules matches.

Doudrop/Eva Marie

I could really see this coming almost since Doudrop debuted on RAW, I could see potential for her to be a decent wrestler and keeping her with Marie for too long may be a detriment towards it.  I can see Eva Marie bringing someone else in during this storyline.

Miz/John Morrison

Over the past few weeks this has been hinted on and off and this seems to be a great time to turn the separation of MC M-i-z and Johnny Drip Drip.  Fans singing Hey hey hey-ho ho was actually also a nice touch.  

Bobby Lashley/Sheamus

This I can see the most distance shaping up.  I can even see Sheamus possibly taking Lashley’s title, but not certain because he just came off an extended title run himself.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see these two headline Extreme Rules.

All this being said there where some dry points.  I don’t like the new Karrion Kross gimmick, but with him what else is new?  The Bull Karrion Kross should have some time though to see if it works eventually.  One thing is for sure, that is he is a good big man who can be dangerous.

And there you have it, probably the best RAW I’ve seen in a long time and absolutely the best RAW since live crowds came back.  Strongly recommending this episode to anyone who’s looking for some beacon of light shining a possible turn for a better weekly product.

Well that’s it for me, and thank you for letting me take you to Grammar School again this week.

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