Impact Wrestling Review 08/19/21

Helloooo ladies and germs! Sorry for the delay, lets get into it!

Josh Mathews and Gia opened the show to announce Christian Cage as your new Impact World Champion. Eddie Edwards and W. Morrissey interrupt, fighting out of the backstage area. Morrissey gets the upper hand but before he can do serious damage, Sami Callahan makes the save?! The hell?! Sami says since he’s ready lets get his match started.

Opening match: Sami & Chris Sabin vs Ace Austin & Moose. These 4 will do battle at Emergence to determine the next number 1 contender. This was actually a good match, with a lot of good back and forth. Each threw bombs when tagged in. The end came when Sabin nailed the Cradle Shock. After the match, Sami took advantage of the moment and dropped Sabin. Gotta love the Death Machine. 7.5/10.

We get highlights from NJPW Resurgence where the Good Brothers beat Mox and his mystery partner Yuji Nagata with a Magic Killer to Nagata. After the match they were confronted by Guerrillas of Destiny. G.o.D. in Impact? Yes please. After the highlight, Gallows promised to take out Joe Doering tonight and leave Emergence still champs.

Sami was backstage. He said he did exactly what he promised, taking a piece out of Omega’s ass and getting the title off him. Eddie interrupted and told him he doesn’t need his help.

Our next match is Mahabali Shera vs Matt Cardona. This was actually a decent match. Shera used his power early to get the advantage, but Cardona showed his resilience and agility to rebound. As expected, however, Rojit Raju was involved early and often. Chelsea Green finally got involved and took out Rojit, allowing Cardona to catch Shera with Radio Silence. 6/10, way too many shenanigans.

We have the return of Locker Room Talk! Madison Rayne interviewed Tennille Dashwood in a simulcast of All About Me and Locker Room Talk. Cool video editing trick. They announced they are officially a team, The Influence. Kaleb and Swinger sniped at each other. Good times.

Josh Alexander said he’s the best X Division champ ever and isn’t impressed with Jake Something. Jake interrupted and said he’ll show Alexander what he can do. Kaleb, meanwhile, was annoying Scott D’Amore, so he put him in a No DQ match with Jake.

Christian finally got his moment. He came out and talked about his history and the history of the TNA World Title, then officially retired it, making the Impact Belt the only official world title again. He then says he has no plans of letting the Impact World title go. Myers interrupted, and said he’s surpassed Cage and has been the best here for almost a year. Christian fired back that its nice to see Myers finally step out of Cardona’s shadow. Then he caught Beale trying to sucker punch him and dropped him as Myers ran off. Should actually be a good match.

Up next, Melina makes her Impact debut against Brandi Lauren. Impressive debut in a squash. Melina got to show off her submission game with a wicked almost inverted Cattle Mutilation. After the match, Deonna Purrazzo attacked with assistance from the Drama King. Trey Miguel swooped in to make the save. Nice to see them using Trey for something at least.

John Skyler’s first interview after his surprise win over Cardona last week was interrupted by cries for help from David Finlay, who was crouched over a clearly injured Juice Robinson. Looks like Bullet Club got him.

Jake Something vs Kaleb with a K is next. This was a violent squash match. Jake viciously tossed him around the ring before taking advantage of the No DQ stip and spearing him through a table. After the match he and Alexander once again had a face-off. 5/10 for the gratuitous use of a table. Lol.

We’ve reached the main event. Joe Doering vs Doc Gallows in a Hoss Fight! This match was everything i thought it would be and more. These guys threw bombs at each other all over the arena. Eventually, Gallows put himself and Doering through a table off the edge of the stage with a massive powerbomb. Somehow that was not the end as both guys managed to stagger back to the ring before Doering finally ended it with a clothesline that damn near took Gallows’s head off out of mid-air. 8.5/10

Well, that’s it for a pretty damn good final show before Emergence. But we are not done. Because I have one final thing.

Friday night. AEW Rampage. Ladies and gentlemen…the Best in the World is back. C….M…Punk is #AllElite!

See you next week!

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