Monday Night raw 8/30 review

Another big week for Monday Night RAW
Two weeks ago I reviewed Monday Night RAW and mentioned the writing on the wall. It was borderline unwatchable and a shock for a show that was going into Summer Slam, but shockingly the week after was one of the better rebound episodes I’ve ever seen and then they moved to this past week. Not as good, but it was still pretty good and I think keeping the forward momentum for a better product weekly.
The tag team between RK-Bro and Lashley and MVP I think hints there could be a story and as long as MVP can keep wrestling weekly, but I still think the idea of Lashley and Sheamus should happen at Extreme Rules and possibly beyond and I’d also like the Viking Raiders getting a tag team shot.
The first match between Eva Marie and Doudrop to me worked how it was supposed to. I want to see Doudrop get forward momentum and ending the storyline on top, for I see a bright future possibly with her and not exactly too much future in Eva Marie at all, in fact I hope she departs soon and gives quality time to those who actually deserve it.
I don’t know if anything it happening behind the scenes between Nia Jax and Charlotte Flair, but Jax seemed to work extremely stiff in her match against Charlotte. Now Jax is not exactly a master technician, but she was a bit stiff even for her.
On the subject of Nia Jax, is the tag team of her and Shayna Baszler nearing the end of being a tag team? Not saying the team will be missed by a lot if fans, but WWE doesn’t exactly have a deep women’s tag team division. It’s not like Dana Brooke can be back next week with Mandy Rose, with Brooke being pregnant
Another good week of Monday Night RAW and I hope it keeps up the pace. I would strongly suggest this weeks RAW to be watched.
Till next week, I’m Ted Gram and Grammar school has been dismissed.

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