Impact Wrestling review 8/26/21

My fellow wrestling fans. I apologize for the delay, as I have been crazy busy, but I’m back and we’re gonna jump right into it.

Our opening match of the evening is a mini grudge match from last week, with Sami Callahan taking on Chris Sabin. This match started fast and hard, and didn’t stay in the ring long. Both guys took some big shots on the outside. Once it finally got back in the ring, Sami used his ruthlessness and cunning to take control and ground Sabin. Sabin managed to get back in it with his speed and resilience. Both guys started throwing bombs again, and Sabin pulled out the win with a counter into the Cradle Shock. 7/10, pretty damn good opening match. After the match, Moose came out and took out Sabin before focusing on Sami. Eddie Edwards made the save. Guess they’re even now. Backstage, Eddie told Sami he was just returning the favor, and he doesn’t need him.

Mickie James came out to hype up NWA Empowerrr. She showed a promo hyping The Virtuosa and Melina. Deonna Purrazzo and Matt Rehwoldt interrupted. She said she’s gonna run through Melina. Mickie said she’s being a bit overconfident since it’s an all women show, so the Drama King isn’t invited. The Virtuosa wasn’t happy with that info and attacked Mickie, but Melina and Trey Miguel made the save.

The next match up should be good, as David Finlay looks to get one back from Chris Bey. Much like the opening match, this one starts hot, one of my favorite things about Impact. Finlay kept Bey on his back foot with his strength and technical prowess. Bey managed to gain the upper hand using his craftiness and speed, at one point hitting a ridiculous Cravat Suplex I had never seen before. Eventually Bey got the pin using the ropes. 8/10, I’m not gonna penalize them for the ending because heels gonna heel and the match was excellent.

Josh Alexander, fresh off a successful defense against Jake Somebody at Emergence, announced that next week he’s having an open challenge for any former X-Division Champion to take a shot at his title.

Christian Cage hit the ring, still champion after beating Bryan Myers at Emergence. He gave props to Ace Austin, but said he’s not good enough to beat him for the title. Tommy Dreamer interrupted. He gave Christian props for everything he’s done, and thanked him for getting the title off of Omega and for choosing to represent Impact. Then he said he wants one more match against Cage. Ace Austin and Madman Fulton interrupted and Austin formally introduced himself and claimed he’s Inevitable and he’ll become the youngest Impact champion ever. Cage responded with a pretty good short joke, and the fight was on. Dreamer and Cage were left holding the ring as Austin and Fulton retreated.

Eric Young berated Rhyno and said he’s sick and weak, and the only cure is cleansing violence. Yup…he’s still crazy.

Ace Austin demanded Scott D’Amore give him a match with Dreamer. Scott said fine, he can have it next week, but if Dreamer wins, the match at Victory Road becomes a 3-Way. This is why I like Scott.

Back to the ring, its time for Taylor Wilde vs The Influence. Wilde actually held her own pretty well for a few minutes, but a Spotlight Kick during a pinfall attempt brought this match to an abrupt, short end. After the match, the beatdown was on but Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering made the save. 4/10 because Wilde actually made a bit of a match of it.

And we’ve reached the main event, Party All Night vs the Good Brothers in non-title action. This was a great back and forth match with both teams showing their unique chemistry and hitting some bombs. The match ended with a surprise pin by Swann on Karl Anderson. After the match, the Good Brothers laid in an extended beatdown on Swann and Mack that ended with Mack being powerbombed through a table. 8/10 for the match.

Well, that’s it for this week. Imma give this show a 7 out of 10. The build for Victory Road was good, the in ring action was overall great. Goodnight, my good people.

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