Impact Wrestling Review 9/2/21

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends, I’m so glad you could attend, step inside, step inside. Is time for another Impact review. And here…we…go.

Our opening match this week is a return match, with Taylor Wilde, Rachel Ellering, and Jordynne Grace taking on The Influence. This actually wound up being a pretty decent match with some good back and forth. Some impressive teamwork at the end allowed Taylor Wilde to get the pin on Kaleb with a K. 6/10

We got some highlights from Empowerr, where Deonna Purrazzo retained the Knockouts Championship in impressive fashion with an inverted crab on Melina. Then we got the highlight from the next night at NWA 73, where The Virtuosa took out Mickie James after she beat Kylie Rae. After, Gia interviewed Deonna and the Drama King. She said she proved everything she said she would. Then Matt called out Trey Miguel. Purrazzo is quickly becoming one of the best in the world.

We go back to the ring for our next match, Fallah Baah and No Way vs Decay. Before the match could get started, Tasha Steelz attacked Rosemary disguised as a member of the Conga Line. She drew Havok to the ramp, where Savannah dropped her. The match started with the crowd firmly in Decay’s corner, which actually threw Fallah and No Way off a little. It was actually a pretty decent match. No Way and Baah used their power early, but Decay used their unorthodox offense and agility to pull off the win. 6/10.

W. Morrissey said he actually respects the honesty of Eddie & Sami of how much they don’t actually like each other. Moose interrupted and said that while he has no need for friends, he wants an alliance to go against Sami & Eddie.

Moose came out. He said everyone wants to be a hero and it pisses him off. He said Eddie Edwards pisses him off and called him out. Eddie came out wielding Kenny the Kendo Stick. He and Moose exchanged some shots till Eddie and Kenny got the upper hand. Then Morrissey came out and they took out Eddie. Conspicuous by his absence was Sami, who did not come make the save.

Now it’s time for Josh Alexander’s Open Challenge. To the surprise of everyone, his challenger was former X-Division Champion Jake Crist! Alexander used his power early on, but Crist used his speed and agility to get back in it. They had some good back and forth, but Josh got it in the end with the C4 Spike. 7/10, great match. After the match he said he has to fight everyone so he can be the greatest X Division Champion. Chris Sabin came out. He said he’s already the greatest, being an 8-Time champ, and challenged Alexander at Victory Road. Oh yeah, that’s gonna be an awesome match.

We get to our next match, the Desi Hit Squad vs Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green. Cardona and Green actually dominated this match until Rohit took out Cardona and then nailed a vicious flying knee on Green for the win. 5/10, and props to Green for taking that nasty shot.

Good Brothers came out and trashed Willie Mack. Rich Swann came out with a chair looking for vengeance, but the Brothers ran. So Scott D’Amore put Swann and Karl Anderson in a Bunkhouse Brawl next week.

We’ve reached the main event which has title implications, Tommy Dreamer vs Ace Austin. Dreamer used his experience and strength advantage early on and actually dominated. However, Fulton helped Ace take control when he sacrificed himself. They had more good back and forth, but Fulton interjected himself again, which allowed Austin to hit the Fold. 7/10, and Austin’s title match at Victory Road remains a singles match.

Well, that’s it for this week. Imma give this one a 6/10, some good action, but a lot of shenanigans. They did push some storylines further and set up some good matches for Victory Road, so we’ll see what happens next week. I’m out.

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