Monday Night RAW 9/13 Review

There’s a difference between coasting from previous week’s successes and offering hardly anything good, and I feel last RAW was the latter this week.  It was in Boston this past week and I was strongly considering going to the show, but decided not to.  Now I’m glad I didn’t because it seemed like the show didn’t have a lot to write about and if the old price tag of 60 bucks for a pay per view was the price now, I’m not sure I’d buy Extreme Rules if I was only looking at what RAW has to offer lately and I used to buy every Pay Per View before the network was a thing.

Not saying everything was a loss, I enjoyed the main event and I am happy Big E cashed in because I feel RAW needs some fresh blood at the top.  Very well deserving of being the guy too.  I believe the draft couldn’t come at a better time, to barrow a phrase from the boss “Let’s shake things up a bit!”

Not a demand for help just yet, but it would have been nice to get a show, it just would have been nice to carry the momentum from the last couple of weeks.  I am predicting the draft should be big for RAW, if it doesn’t, we may have some issues in the not so distant future.  As for this week’s viewing, I’d suggest a highlight show if anything, because this week was very watered down in non Big E or New Day moments.

Well there’s the bell, be good to your friends and family, because that’s the golden rule when it comes to this Grammar School

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