Impact Wrestling Review 9/16/21

We’re back it with more Impact action as we are 2 days away from Victory Road! Let’s get it started!

Tonight’s opening match is the return of a recently cleansed Rhino as Violent By Design takes on Decay. Rhino jumped all over Black Taurus as soon as the bell rang, pummeling him before tagging in Deaner. Taurus managed to turn it around on Deaner and tag out,  but Deaner regained control when he caught Crazzy Steve playing to the crowd. The match ended when Deaner accidentally nailed Rhino with the VBD flag, allowing Steve to get the roll-up. After the match, Eric Young blamed Rhino for the loss, Deaner hit him with a cheap shot, and they broke the flag over his head and buried him in it. 6.5/10.

TJP popped into Swinger’s Palace to collect his winnings after his bet last week. Petey Williams interrupted, pissed about last week, and said he’s gonna kick TJP’s ass tonight.

We go back to the ring, and it’s time for TJP vs Petey Williams. This match started out fast, with both guys exchanging holds and moves in quick succession. Petey gained control by out-countering TJP, but TJP got back in it with his innovative speed and creative offense. The countering started again, with the match ending with Petey countering a pin attempt with his own pin. After the match, Maclin absolutely destroyed both of them. 8/10, these guys just put on a master class in technical wrestling.

Willie Mack & Rich Swann jumped the Good Brothers backstage. Afterwards, Scott D’Amore gave them their title match for Victory Road.

We head back to the ring for a rematch from last week’s BTI with Laredo Kid facing off against John Skyler. This match had some good back and forth, with both guys using what brought them to the table. Skyler won it by going after Laredo’s mask, then rolling him up using the tights. 6/10.

Taylor Wilde was the guest host of All About Me with the Influence. She managed to talk Tennille Dashwood into a one-on-one match at Victory Road.

Back to the ring, we finally get Matthew Rehwoldt vs Trey Miguel. The Drama King took the early advantage with some surprising quickness and agility. He dominated a good portion of the match using an unexpected combo of stopped and strength. Trey was finally able to out-quick him though. They started trading some heavy shots before Trey caught him with a very innovative submission. After the match, Purrazzo tried to attack Trey but Mickie James made the save. 7.5/10, that match lived up to the build.

Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans said all they did last week was take back HER titles, and if Decay wants the belts back, they need to come correct at Victory Road and put the titles on the line.

We’ve reached our massive main event: Christian Cage, Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan, Chris Sabin, and Josh Alexander vs Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, Brian Myers, Moose, and W Morrissey. Sami and Austin started but this match went to hell in a hurry. There was fighting everywhere, and chaos reigned. They finally got it back in the ring, where for some reason Sam Beale was waiting, and he ate a Callihan piledriver for his trouble. The distraction allowed team Ace to gain control, with a lot of quick tags and furious action. Team Ace managed to isolate Eddie, working him over with power shots and quick tags. Eddie finally managed to find daylight with a well-timed counter and tagged in Christian, but everything broke down again and everyone took turns hitting big shots before Eddie superplexed Ace onto everyone on the outside. That allowed Christian to hit Myers with a Spear, and Alexander to hit him with the C4 Spike off the blind tag, and that was that. 7.5/10 for glorious chaos and nobody turning on their team.

Well, that’s it. We have our full card set for Victory Road, so the next review will be that show! 7/10 for tonight’s show, and see ya’ll soon!

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