Impact Wrestling Review 9/9/21

Hello fellow fans, sorry for the delay. Let’s hop right into this shall we? Lets do it.

The opening match of the evening is Tasha Steelz vs Rosemary. Tasha was able to use her speed and athleticism early, but the unorthodox power and toughness of Rosemary allowed her to gain control. After some good back and forth and a series of counters, Rosemary was able to hit the Spear for the win. After the match, Tasha was able to destract both members of Decay, allowing Savannah Evans to maul both of them, and then Steelz and Evans ran off with the Knockout Tag titles. 6.5/10, solid match.

Ace Austin demanded Scott D’Amore put Christian Cage in a match against Madman Fulton next week. Scott said ok….but it’s a ten man tag match. Austin immediately recruited Bryan Myers to his team.

The cleansing of Rhino continued. Eric Young said his suffering is done, and it’s time to rejoin his family and continue their mission. EY has a very…unique way of doing things.

Back to the ring, its time for the Bunkhouse Brawl between Rich Swann and Karl Anderson. This match started fast and furious with Swann dodging Gallows, dropping Karl, taking out LG, then putting Karl through a sheet of plywood in very rapid succession. Swann was a house of fire early on, using well-placed low blows, a bull rope, and some quick, innovative maneuvers. Everything turned on a dime violently when Anderson destroyed Swann with a trashcan lid, then suplexed him on the ramp. They traded violence, with Swann putting Karl through a corner chair but Anderson putting Swann through another sheet of plywood immediately after. Twice. Rich regained the advantage with quickness and a very handy trashcan lid of his own. Gallows finally got got fully involved, and that allowed Anderson to hit a Spinebuster, but Swann countered the Gun-Stun with a hand stand. Karl managed to regain the advantage and finally put Swann down with an assisted Gun-Stun off the second rope onto a table. I say onto because the table did…not…break. 7.5/10 for glorious violence.

Mickie James said Deonna Purrazzo stole her moment. This is no longer business. Its personal now, and Purrazzo is gonna learn about Hardcore Country.

Christian Cage met Josh Alexander officially backstage, shaking his hand and congratulating him on his title reign. He asked him to join team Cage next week. Alexander said he looks up to Cage and it would be his honor. Already like this team.

Rohit Raju said he should apologize, and he would apologize, but he saw it in Chelsea Green’s eyes last week that she wanted it. She wants a real man like Rohit, because Cardona is a coward. I think Raju has a death wish.

We go back to the ring for our next match, which sees Chris Bey continuing hostilities with David Finlay. Bey started out basically playing tag with Finlay, avoiding him and pissing him off, but Finlay outsmarted Bey and caught him on the floor, laying in some bombs before they started countering each other. They got back in the ring, and Finlay regained the advantage briefly before Bey finally managed to out-quick him with another counter. The athleticism of both guys came into play as they went bomb for bomb before Finlay decided to go with his extensive submission game, chaining holds together to keep Bey grounded. Bey went an unexpected direction and used surprising power and lethal kicks. Bey went for the pin but Juice Robinson prevented it with the ropes, and Finlay took advantage with the roll-up. After the match, FinJuice celebrated until Hikuleo hit the ring and absolutely demolished them. Bullet Club rides again in Impact! 8.5/10, great match.

Chris Sabin and Josh Alexander had one the most respectful contract signings I’ve ever seen backstage, complimenting each other. Afterwards, Christian came in and asked Sabin to join his team next week. He said absolutely. Yup, this team is looking great.

Swinger’s Palace returned! TJP popped in and placed a bet on Maclin beating Petey tonight. No Way called it a bootleg Caesar’s Palace and earned himself a ban. Then the Undead Brides poked their heads around the corner. Uh oh.

Back to the ring we go, where Steve Maclin and Petey Williams get set to do battle. Maclin dominated this match early, tossing Petey around with ease. Petey weathered the storm though, using his agility and unorthodox offense to get back in it. However, a distraction by the arrival of TJP, Fallah Baah, No Way, and the Conga Line allowed Maclin to hit Mayhem for All for the win while TJP laughed. 6.5/10.

Sami Callihan confronted Eddie Edwards and asked if that ass whipping he got last week caused him to reconsider. Eddie said hell no. Christian interrupted to recruit both of them to his team next week. Sami said yes. Eddie said if Sami is on the team, he is not. Up to Cage.

Moose and W Morrissey approached Ace Austin and told him that if Sami and Eddie are gonna be on Cage’s team, they’re on his. Well hell, Ace’s team is pretty damn imposing.

We have reached our main event of the evening, with Moose facing off with Eddie Edwards with Morrissey at ringside. These guys did not wait, and immediately started throwing some serious bombs at each other, countering violence with harder violence. Chops, punches, knees, everything. Eventually Moose’s impressive power allowed him to take control and dissect Eddie’s shoulder. Eddie eventually managed to counter with some of his agility. Eddie Edwards hit the Boston Knee Party, but Morrissey prevented the pin, and Moose hit the Lights Out spear for the win. After the match, all hell broke loose as both teams for next week came out and brawled. Alisha Edwards also joined the fray, using Kenny to save Eddie from a 2-on-1 massacre by Morrissey and Moose. They turned on her, and just as Morrissey got his hands on Alisha, the lights went out, and Sami appeared with two bats, one of which he handed to Eddie. They teamed up to drop Morrissey, then Christian once again asked Eddie to join his team. Eddie said yes. Next week gonna be a war! 8/10 for the match, 7/10 for a busy show.

Thats all we got for this week. Next week is the go home show before Victory Road, so anything can happen!

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