The Respectable RAW

The Respectable RAW

It seems to me if WWE seems stuck they always try to do a draft, and actually for the most part it worked.  This past episode of RAW was no different.  Big E and Drew McIntyre at Crown Jewel is actually making the show worth while, new people on both RAW and Smack Down may inject some newness when it comes to matches and storylines, and I was actually intrigued to watch RAW after having a difficult couple of weeks dealing with family matters.  I don’t mean to be a jinx but RAW has been doing better and better over the past few weeks and I’m excited for the new picks.

There are some concerns however

Hit Row

Honestly I think Hit Row should have been in NXT more to develop.  Especially with the new format of NXT, I think it would fit Hit Row like a glove and they (and the fans) would benefit from it.

Gable Steveson

I get this immediate call up more than I get Hit Row, Steveson is the new Kurt Angle and I think with the right usage he could have a long career.  With Gabel they aren’t just competing with AEW and TNA, but they are also competing with MMA, since he is a gold medalist in wrestling.

New Day Splits

I get the first split, New Day was extremely successful and I think helped save the WWE careers of all three members, but to get the band back together, just to have them split without a heel turn in sight are a page from the end of Randy Orton in Evolution and have Kofi and Xavier turn on Big E or have Kofi turn on both Big E and Xavier like the end of Shield.  Just drafting the three apart seems stale to me.

The verdict is to watch this show, it’s not the best lately but it was decent and worth seeing the draft results.

That’s the bell, until next week, thank you for attending Grammar School and as Lavar Burton used to say “See ya next time.”

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