Impact on AXS review 9/23/21

Hello people, this is the fallout show from an awesome Victory Road show! Let’s get this shindig shindigging!

Scott D’Amore opened the show in the ring. He informed everyone that on Saturday night, Josh Alexander officially became the number 1 contender to the Impact World Championship at Bound For Glory after taking Option C, which allows the X Division champion to relinquish the title for a guaranteed World Championship shot. He brought Josh out. He made sure Alexander understood the stakes, then announced that if he goes through with this, there will be a tournament to determine the new X-Division Champion. It will feature 3 triple threat matches, with the winners competing in a final triple threat match to determine the new champ. Alexander said he understands, and he accepts the responsibility, has no regrets, and wants to be the face of the company, and he can’t be the face unless he’s Impact World Champion. Christian came out. He said he lost his career for 7 years, and he fought back to the top, and he’s not laying down for anyone. He said if Alexander goes through with this, he won’t be the face of the company. He will be just a face in the crowd. Alexander thanked him for making this way easier and handed over the title. Ace Austin interrupted. He said he’s definitely not done with Christian, and apparently Alexander is obsessed with him because he’s copying all his moves. Josh reminded him he won the title by beating Austin for it. Fulton and Ace jumped them.

Willie Mack declared his interest in the X-Division title tournament. Ruch Swann declared himself for the Call Your Shot Gauntlet match. Bryan Myers interrupted and also declared himself for the CYS. Swann told him to grab a partner and meet them in the ring tonight.

We finally go to the ring for our first match of the evening, with Finlay (w/ Juice Robinson) taking on Hikuleo (w/ Chris Bey). Finlay tried to take down Hikuleo with his speed but Hikuleo completely overpowered him repeatedly. Finlay finally got him on his heels, but the rally was stopped by Bey on the outside. Finlay survived more power offense and finally managed to counter, using his speed and technical prowess. A well- timed counter trip into a pin got Finlay the victory. After the match, a brawl broke out, with FinJuice getting the upper hand, but Fantasmo appeared and once again Bullet Club laid out FinJuice. 6.5/10, solid match.

Eric Young says he knows they could part ways, but he also knows Rhino can repent. He knows he can help Rhino become the War Machine again. He should think about it, and let him know next week.

Matt Cardona says he’s done with Rohit, hands off. Chelsea Green said she, however, is not.

Back to the ring, and we have a grudge match between Rohit Raju and Chelsea Green. Surprisingly, this match actually had a good amount of back and forth, with Green using her agility and Rohit using his strength advantage. Rohit got the win with a roll-up after Raj Singh made his Impact return and took out Cardona at ringside. 6/10, not a terrible match. Looks like the Desi Hit Squad is back in force.

Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan are on the hunt backstage to make Moose and Morrissey pay for Alisha. After commercial they found Moose first and absolutely destroyed him, demanding to know where Morrissey is. They left Moose laying and went to find him.

Back to the ring, and we get the payoff match from earlier in the show, with the Souljas (Mack and Swann) taking on Bryan Myers and a member of the Learning Tree. Myers revealed his partner to be none other than the returning VSK. Swann and VSK started quick, exchanging multiple counters. VSK got control, but Swann flipped it on him with a rapid fire combo abd a tag to Mack. They hit the double team, then Mack used his unique style to take down Myers, but the Learning Tree provided a distraction and VSK and Myers took over. Swann managed to regain the advantage with his quickness, but a well timed thumb to the eye got VSK back on top. Things broke down a bit, and Mack took out Myers while Swann went to the top. Sam Beale tried to interfere but wound up actually launching Swann right into a cross body off the top by mistake, giving Swann the win over VSK. 6.5/10, more shenanigans than I’d like but solid match.

Swinger cordially invited Scott D’Amore to Swinger’s palace next week to try to convince him not to move Impact to Vegas. This dude is not all there.

Mickie James came out. She said her original intentions when she came back to Impact were to elevate the Knockouts, not be involved. Her intentions were to showcase the Virtuosa. Deonna, however, made it personal when she showed up and attacked Mickie at NWA 73. She called out Purrazzo. Deonna came out and said how dare she say her name. Mickie said she sees right through her. She challenged her to a match at Bound For Glory. Deonna responded that she gets that Mickie wants to be relevantagain, but she won’t be relevantat her expense. This does nothing for her. The answer is no. She hasn’t earned it and doesn’t deserve it. Mickie slapped the Shit out of her and the brawl was on. Scott D’Amore and security intervened. He said wrestlers don’t make matches, but they also don’t get to refuse them. He said Mickie deserves the match because she built this division, and made the match official. Mickie vs Deonna at BFG is on!!!

Eddie and Sami finally found Morrissey but D’Amore immediately intervened with security and made a street fight for next week between Morrissey and Eddie.

We’ve reached the main event, with the Walking Weapon Josh Alexander taking on Inevitable Ace Austin (w Madman Fulton). The match started worth good back and forth early. Josh used his technical prowess and strength advantage. A distraction by Fulton finally allowed Ace to use his quickness to gain control. He used speed and precision strikes to keep him off-balance. Alexander got back in it and they started countering each other again, trading bombs and near-falls. Fulton got involved again, but inadvertently helped Alexander by mistake, and Josh hit the C4 Spike for the win. After the match, the beatdown was on. Christian tried to make the save, but then he and Alexander argued, allowing Fulton and Ace to regain the advantage. Then…suddenly….a hero appeared. ITS THE FALLEN ANGEL! CHRISTOPHER DANIELS APPEARED AND MADE THE SAVE!!! After 7 long years, Daniels has returned to Impact!!! 7.5/10, great match!

Well that’s it folks! We’ve started our road to Bound For Glory, with 2 matches already announced, and the return of the Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels. I give this episode 7/10 for the surprise ending! Next week, the X Division Championship tournament begins with a 3 Way between Laredo Kid, Trey Miguel, and newcomer Alex Zayne!

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