Victory Road 2021 Review

Alright folks, better late than never, here’s my full review of a stacked, entertaining Victory Road show! Let’s get it!

Our opening match of the evening is a grudge match of sorts between TJP vs Maclin vs Petey Williams. The match started with TJP and Petey immediately teaming up against Maclin, but it wasn’t to any avail as Maclin weathered the storm before dropping TJP hard on the stage and focusing on Williams. He traded out offense on each guy, using his power and intensity to keep them down and grounded. Maclin controlled for a while but Petey finally used his speed and innovative offense to drop Maclin. TJP finally recovered and got back in it and they traded offense before having to focus on Maclin again. All three started trading big shots, with double teams against Maclin and then counters on each other. TJP got a near fall with the Detonation Kick on Maclin, Petey broke it up. The culmination came when TJP went for the Mamba Splash and Maclin dodged. Petey hit the Canadian Destroyer on TJP, then Maclin nailed him with Mayhem for All, sending him out of the ring, and pinned TJP for the win. Helluva starting match, 7.5/10.

Our next match is an X-Division 6 Man Showcase with Trey Miguel vs Jake Something vs Laredo Kid vs John Skyler vs Black Taurus. Skyler and Trey immediately teamed up to take out Jake. Black Taurus took out Laredo then battled Skyler till Jake got back in and dropped both hard. Laredo and Jake went back and forth with some shots, then Trey Miguel reinserted himself with a quick shot on Laredo. He took out Jake, then got taken by the Inside Out Spear courtesy of Skyler. Skyler got dropped by a nasty Samoan Drop by Taurus. Taurus then ate a decleater clothesline by Something. Trey then took on both Laredo and Jake, forcing Jake to DDT Laredo with a Meteora to Something. Jake immediately got back in it with a chokeslam to Miguel onto Laredo, then Black Taurus went berserk and took out everyone. Everyone started trading bombs before Laredo Kid ended it with a top rope Belly to Belly Moonsault to Skyler. Another great match, nice combo of chaos and control, great start to this show. 7.5/10.

We’re onto our third match, a grudge match with Taylor Wilde (w/ Grace and Ellering) taking on Tennille Dashwood (w/ The Influence). Wilde came out the gate firing early, but The Influence quickly got involved and Dashwood was able to take advantage. Tennille started to dominate the match, using an effective combo of power moves and submission holds to wear Wilde down. The Influence got caught getting involved on the outside and got tossed, then Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering got tossed for getting physical with them, making this fully a one-on-one match. Once everything got back in the ring, Wilde finally got back into it with a nice combo of power and agility. After a nice back and forth exchange, Wilde hit a beautiful bridging Suplex for the victory. Three good matches in a row to start. 7/10.

Alisha Edwards insisted that she doesn’t trust Sami Callihan and wants to be at ringside. Eddie grudgingly and hesitantly agreed. Seems like a terrible idea.

Time for our 4th match of the evening. We got another grudge match as Matt Cardona looks to tear Rohit Raju apart in a No DQ match. Cardona attacked Rohit before the bell, witch ultimately allowed Rohit and Shera to double team him. Always overconfident, Raju sent Shera to the back and got in the ring for the bell. Cardona immediately jumped all over Rohit before taking it right back to the floor. Rohit caught him with a low blow by kicking the rope though and regained control. Liberal use of a chair to the throat allowed him to maintain the advantage, and he used his speed and more chairs in the ring to continue the abuse. Cardona weathered the storm before using his newfound love of violence to get back in it with a nasty chair shot. He followed that up with a running chairwash in the corner and then a nasty TKO onto a garbage can. Rohit counted by throwing him into a chair in the corner and nailing a double stomp with two more chairs, but only got 2. Cardona hit a low blow, then Radio Silence but Shera reappeared and saved the Pinfall. Cardona hit Shera with a Radio Silence on the ramp, while in the ring, Chelsea Green appeared out of nowhere and nailed Rohit with a nasty pump kick. Cardona hit Radio Silence on a chair and got the win. Another solid match, 4-4. 7/10.

Onto our next match of the evening, which is Bullet Club vs FinJuice. This match started surprisingly slow, with Juice Robinson and Chris Bey feeling each other out. Juice finally used his power to ground Bey. Bey managed to turn it around by attacking the bad knee of Juice. After some extended focus to the bad leg, Juice finally managed to fight out and tag in Finlay, but Bey got to Hikuleo, who nailed an absolutely ridiculous clothesline to shut down Finlay. Hikuleo went to work, tossing Finlay all over the ring with power move after power move before tagging back in Bey. After some back and forth, Finlay finally managed to drop Bey long enough to tag Juice back in, who took over with a power move and strike combo. Bey managed to tag in Hikuleo, but FinJuice used some creative double teaming to keep him at bay. They were rolling, but a well-placed chair shot to Juice’s bad knee behind the ref’s back from the floor allowed Hikuleo to hit a vicious driver and get another win for Bullet Club. 7/10.

Next match up is Sami and Eddie vs Moose and W. Morrissey. Eddie and Sami got off to a quick start with quick, frequent tags as they worked over Morrissey, then both as Moose tried to help. Morrissey weathered the early storm and finally took over with his power, singling Eddie out. He and Moose used some good double teams and quick tags but Edwards managed to survive and hit a huge Blue Thunderbomb on Morrissey and tag in Sami. Sami came in on fire, using power and his signature dirty moves to gain the advantage. Morrissey managed to tag Moose, who used his speed to stop the rally, but Eddie and Sami teamed up and took out Moose. At this point all hell broke loose and bombs started getting thrown with some brilliant double teams by Sami and Eddie thrown in. Morrissey decided to go after Alisha on the floor, and the distraction allowed Moose to hit a Spear. Morrissey dragged Alisha into the ring and powerbombed her. Hard. Eddie picked her up, apologized to Sami, and carried her out, leaving Callihan alone. They easily finished off Sami. 7/10, though I debated docking a point. I get it, but i feel the Alisha spot took away from an otherwise great match.

We’ve reached our first title match of the evening. Its a Knockouts Tag Team Title match, with Decay (Havok and Rosemary) defending against Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. Decay attacked before the bell, still pissed about Tasha stealing their titles. Once the bell rang, Decay continued to maintain control, beating down Steelz before Havok demanded she tag in Evans. Steelz did and we get a female Hoss Fight. Heavy shots were exchanged, with Havok getting the better of it. She tagged in Rosemary, who briefly continued the momentum, but Evans overpowered her and tagged in Steelz. They worked over Rosemary, with great double team damage and frequent tags. Rosemary finally managed to counter and tag in Havok, who immediately traded heavy shots with Evans. Evans got put on the floor, and when the ref wasn’t looking Rosemary caught Evans with the green mist. With Evans incapacitated, Havok destroyed Steelz with a massive Piledriver for the win. Decay retain the titles! 7/10.

Its time for our second title match of the evening, with the Good Brothers defending the Impact Tag Team Championships against Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Rich and Willie took the early advantage with double teams and quick tags. Karl Anderson managed to take a few shortcuts to gain control and isolated Swann. Rich managed to survive an extended beatdown and used his agility to counter and tag in Willie. Mack used his very unique combo of speed and athleticism to regain control but a bad landing on his knee after dodging a move allowed the Good Brothers to get back in it before both teams started trading bombs. Eventually, Swann got taken out and Anderson hit the Gun-Stun on Mack. From there, the recipe was the same. A Magic Killer and a 1,2,3. Good Brothers retain. 8/10, great match.

We have reached to Co main event and possible show stealer. Its the X Division Championship match, with Josh Alexander defending against the former 8 Time X Division champion, Chris Sabin. This match started hot, with back and forth action, Alexander’s technical prowess vs Sabin’s agility, Josh’s power vs Sabin’s speed. Sabin got the first advantage, attacking Josh’s neck. He hit multiple moves, trying to weaken it. Alexander survived the onslaught and took control with technical power moves, tossing Sabin around methodically with a variety of throws and suplexes and locking in various holds. A missed Moonsault attempt by Alexander allowed Sabin to use his quickness to get back in it, using a variety of nasty neckbreakers on the floor. They started trading counters until Sabin showed off his own technical prowess with multiple submission attempts, holding on through multiple Suplex attempts and locking in new holds. Alexander finally managed to power out and locked in a vicious ankle lock. Sabin managed to get out, and kicked off Alexander’s head gear in the process. This pissed Josh off, and he chained a couple of nasty power moves together before hitting the C4 Spike for the win. After the match, they shook hands, and Sabin took a moment to tell him something. 9/10, great match. Expected nothing less.

We’ve come to the main event of the evening, the Impact World Championship. In one corner, you have the man who fought for 7 years to get back in the ring. The only man to best Kenny Omega in over a year. The multi-time world champ and surefire hall of famer. The Impact World Champ, Captain Charisma…Christian Cage! In the other corner, we have one of the fastest rising superstars in pro wrestling. The former long-time X-Division Champ. The Inevitable One, Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton)! Match started with good back and forth. Cage used his power and extensive technical advantage, and Ace countered with his speed. Ace went dirty early, and Fulton got involved, causing a distraction that allowed Ace to take full control. He used that speed and agility to keep Christian off balance. Fulton got caught stalking Christian on the outside and got tossed, which evened things up and allowed Christian to regain control. Both guys traded some bombs, countering big moves with big moves. Christian countered the Fold with a nice Spear, but Fulton briefly reappeared behind the ref’s back and dropped Cage, allowing Ace to hit a beautiful Senton. Cage kicked out, then dodged a move in the corner, following up immediately with the KILLSWITCH and that was that. 8.5/10, another great match. After the match, Josh Alexander came out and came face to face with Christian. He simply said five words. “Bound For Glory. Option C!” Alexander versus Cage for the World Title at Bound For Glory? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Ok, that was a great show. Top to bottom, every match was good. 8/10 for just a solid all around show. Thats it for this one, stay tuned for the Impact on AXS follow up as we start our journey to Bound For Glory!!

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