Impact Review 10/21/21

Hello again friends, we have reached the final show before Bound For Glory, and everyone is gonna be looking for that last momentum push. Let’s get right into it!

Our opening match of the evening is a number 1 contender’s match for the Impact Tag Team Championships between FinJuice and Bullet Club. Hikuleo took the quick advantage, but FinJuice immediately turned it around when Bey tagged in. They managed to maintain that control over Hikuleo with double teams and quick tags, but Hikuleo regained control with a nasty side slam. They worked over Finlay until Finlay managed to overpower Bey and tag in Juice. Robinson took over with his power and strikes. Chaos broke out with both teams hitting big moves, and the ref getting dropped. A double team series allowed FinJuice to pin Hikuleo as a second ref arrived, but while Juice pinned him, Bey pinned Finlay, and the first ref came around and both refs counted pinfalls. The refs argued all the way to the back. 7.5/10. Backstage, both teams and refs argued until Scott D’Amore said he’ll have a decision about who faces the Good Brothers at BFG by the end of the night.

Right into our next match, its gonna be Jordynne Grace & Fallah Bahh vs Chelsea Green & Crazzy Steve vs John Skyler & Tennille Dashwood. Chelsea Green actually got the better of Bahh before tagging in Steve. Skyler tagged himself in and worked over Steve before tagging in Dashwood. Sieve recovered and got tagged out by Grace, who absolutely bulldozed both Skyler and Tennille. Chaos broke out, with everyone getting involved, and Bahh tagged himself in and squashed everyone in the corner. Amidst the continuing chaos, Dashwood hit the Spotlight Kick on Bahh foot the win. 6/10.

Rhino came out. Heath came out right after before he could say anything. Heath said he’s confused. He said he knows this non-communication thing is VBD. He loves Rhino. His girls miss Uncle Rhino. That got a smile out of Rhino but Violent By Design interrupted. Eric Young said Rhino made a deal. VBD is his family now. He said he opened Rhino’s eyes and showed him the truth. Heath said he’s brainwashed. They argued over Rhino until Deaner cheap shotted Heath. Rhino stopped Deaner, and looked like he might Gore him, but then he rolled out to the floor and walked out, leaving Heath to try to fight off VBD on his own. They beat him down, broke the flag pole over his back, and draped him in the VBD flag again.

We head right back to the ring after commercial, with the Pick Your Poison match of Mickie James vs Savannah Evans. Evans overpowered a very cautious Mickie James to start. Mickie turned it around with strikes and kicks, but Tasha Steelz got involved and Evans overpowered her again. Evans laid in a fairly extensive beatdown, but Mickie survived and used her counter strikes and a top rope Thesz Press to get back in it. Deonna Purrazzo came out, and the distraction allowed Evans to hit the Full Nelson slam, but Mickie kicked out and hit the Mickie-T for the win. After the match, Deonna got up on the apron and they got in each other’s face. She poked Mickie (Thats contact), then Mickie turned around and got absolutely leveled by The Drama King. 7/10, actually a decent match.

Scott D’Amore said despite Deonna violating the no-contact clause, he will not stop her off the title because he wants to see Mickie take it from her. He did, however, ban Rehwoldt from ringside at Bound For Glory.

Brian Myers cut Manny Lemons from the Learning Tree for what happened to VSK least week. Then he decided to cut Sam Beale too.

The Inspiration sent a barrister with the contract for Decay to sign for BFG. Rosemary could smell his pure, virginal blood. They signed, then Rosemary told him to tell the Inspiration that Decay is gonna bite their pretty faces off.

We head back to the ring, where Trey Miguel is gonna get the whole kitchen courtesy of The Sauce Alex Zayne. The match started out dead even, with both guys going counter for counter to a stalemate. Trey finally got an advantage whena county’s a Moonsault to the floor with his own Moonsault to the floor. He rolled Zayne back in and maintained the advantage with multiple submission holds. Zayne powered out and hit some well placed strikes, them hit a front flip into a Hurricanrana that took Trey off the top rope. That was innovative. They traded strikes back into the corner, then Trey flipped out of a push off attempt from the top, hit the Cheeky Nandos kick into a 619 in the corner into a Meteora off the top for the win. After the match, Steve Maclin ran out and dropped Trey with Mayhem for All, then Bullet Club came out and took both out with a nut punch by ELP and a beatdown.

It was announced that Scott’s decision is that it will be a triple threat for the Impact Tag Team Championships at Bound For Glory, Good Brothers vs Bullet Club (Hikuleo and Bey) vs FinJuice.

Josh Alexander came out. He said all of thus is a huge risk. He knows that. But 6 years ago, when he got injured, he thought he’d never get the chance to take another risk. But he’s fought for this. He’s going to chase his dream with everything he has. Christian came out. He said he understands better than most what thus moment means. Its all about pressure and how you respond. He doesn’t see anything that convinces him Josh can handle it. Josh said he’s the same as Cage was in 05. But as long as Cage is cashing checks from AEW, he’ll never be the face of Impact. He’s bringing the title home and kicking the Forbidden Door closed behind him. Christian said in 2 days, nothing changes. Hashtag and still. Josh dropped him and the brawled until security broke it up.

That’s it folks. BFG is next, and it looks like it’s gonna be a helluva night. 7/10 for this card, nice build for BFG.

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