Impact Review 9/30/21

Hello again peeps! Sorry for the delay, but I’m about to go hard in the paint and get you all caught up to Bound For Glory! Let’s get this show on the road!

Opening match: Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel vs Alex Zayne, X-Division Championship qualifier. This match started out fast and En Fuego, with all 3 wrestlers trading athletic Ranas. Zayne took out Trey with a Shooting Star Senton, then Laredo dropped Zayne, then Trey dropped Laredo with a wicked rana off the apron. Zayne immediately followed with a nasty Tope Con Hilo. Trey went off, hitting a crazy series of moves on Zayne, then Laredo, then both. Laredo responded with a 450 on both as Trey had Zayne locked in a submission. All 3 started throwing absolute dynamite at each other. It ended when Zayne hit a crazy move I couldn’t even name on Laredo and then Trey took him out and hit a top rope Meteora on Laredo for the win. Trey Miguel advances to BFG. 7.5/10, great match.

Apparently earlier today, W Morrissey and Moose jumped Sami Callahan and absolutely destroyed his ankle. Eddie Edwards told Morrissey it ends tonight, and Moose is next.

Back to the ring, our next match is Jordynne Grace and Rachel Ellering vs The Influence. The match started with the teams trading some mocking, before Ellering and Dashwood began trading holds. The Influence tried to gain advantage by taking it to the floor, but Grace and Ellering were ready and turned it around. The teams traded control, with the Influence using quick tags and double teams to gain control, and Grace and Ellering using their strength to counter. Kaleb with a K got involved and almost got them the win but Grace broke it up. Kaleb got involved with Grace on the outside, allowing the Influence to hit their new finisher on Ellering for the win. 7/10, actually a decent match.

Deonna Purrazzo took a little field trip to Mickie’s farm to attempt to take her out. Mickie James, however, aint so easy to end and gave her a good ol fashioned country ass whoopin using everything at her disposal before The Virtuosa attempted to drown her in a watering tub until she was interrupted. This is gonna be a battle at BFG.

FinJuice recruited Chris Sabin to try to help them take out Bullet Club.

Back to the ring, and it’s time for Christopher Daniels to make his in-ring return to Impact against Madman Fulton! Fulton got the early advantage using sheer brute strength. Daniels weathered the early onslaught and countered with his speed, then used his agility and experience to maintain control over the monster. Fulton once again used his brute strength to power back into the match. Daniels once again survived and used his craftiness to regain control. Ace Austin tried to get involved on the outside, and Josh Alexander came out and made the save, returning the favor from last week. Daniels hit the Angels Wings, but Fulton somehow kicked out. He did not, however, kick out of the Best Moonsault Ever. The BME claims another victim, Daniels for the win. Welcome home Fallen Angel. 7.5/10.

Johnny Swinger tried to convince Scott D’Amore not to go to Vegas, and in the process revealed he did not, in fact, have a license to operate. D’Amore said that’s all he needed, and told Swinger that Swinger’s Palace is shut down permanently, effective immediately. Then he put Ace and Fulton in a tag match against Alexander and Christian next week since Ace bitched about Alexander getting involved tonight.

Violent By Design came out to the ring. They said Rhino let the sickness into VBD, so they left him laying, and now he has a choice to make. He can rejoin them, or walk away, and no one walks away from Violent By Design. Rhino came out. EY demanded an answer, but they were interrupted by the return of Heath! Heath proceeded to take out VBD. He offered a hug to Rhino, but Rhino walked away without answering anyone.

And now we’ve reached our main event of the evening. Eddie Edwards vs W Morrissey in a Street Fight. This match started furious and violent, with Eddie using a trash can lid and Morrissey returning fire with a wicked Wet Floor sign shot. They used everything they could find; replica titles from the fans, tables, steps, cookie sheets, all were introduced as violently as possible. Morrissey managed to gain a small advantage and filled the ring with chairs, a table, and a trash can. Eddie then used that trashcan to hit a nasty Blue Thunderbomb. He pulled out a barbed wire chair but Morrissey got his own regular chair and countered. Alisha made the save with Kendra the Kendo Stick, allowing Eddie to powerbomb him through chairs. He lit Morrissey up with Kendra, then she held the barbed wire chair and he nailed the Boston Knee Party for the win. After the match, Moose jumped Eddie, then Morrissey forced Alisha to watch as Moose trapped him in a chair and beat him repeatedly with another chair. That got a little uncomfortable. 8/10 for the match.

I got the next one coming later tonight. This show gets a 7.5/10, nice build for BFG. So long for now!

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