Impact Wrestling on AXS review 10/7/21

We’re gonna just keep right on rolling through. This is two weeks from Bound For Glory, anything can happen, and we still have plenty of matches to fill.

Our opening match tonight is the next chapter in the intense rivalry as Bullet Club take on FinJuice with Chris Sabin. Bey and Sabin started the match and countered each other to a stalemate. They tagged out and Juice Robinson used his strength to take over on El Phantasmo. Eventually, ELP managed to get to Bey in the corner and they teamed up with their educated feet to regain control. Juice managed to tag out and Finlay got the advantage over Hikuleo for a moment, but Hikuleo overpowered him, but he used his quickness and strength combo to drop Phantasmo and Bey. Sabin used his quickness to continue that momentum over them. They almost got the win with a Triple Team, but ELP made the save. Bullet Club hit a Triple Team of their own, but then a distraction by Hikuleo allowed ELP to hit the nut punch (low blow) on Sabin, leaving him for Bey to hit the Art of Finesse on Sabin for the win. 7.5/10, this rivalry has been brilliant.

Heath came out. He said he’s glad to be back. But he’s sad too, because he’s lost his best friend. He said the way Violent By Design has treated Rhino pisses him off. He called out Rhino. VBD came out instead. Eric Young said he got rid of the old Rhino. They made him stronger and more pure. He said he speaks for Rhino. Rhino belongs to him. He told Heath that he’s going to leave and never come back. Heath said no, he’s busted his ass to get back and he’ll be damned if he’s leaving now. EY said leave now or force their hand. Heath swung and they jumped him. Young beat him down with the VBD flag, then draped it over him. Rhino never appeared.

The Learning Tree interrupted Willie Mack and Rich Swann, so Swann challenged them to a tag match.

Back to the ring for our next match. Its Brandi Loren, Lady Frost, and Kimber Lee vs Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, and the debuting Mercedes Martinez. Martinez got the early advantage over Lady Frost and Evans tagged in and maintained it over Loren. Loren finally managed to fight out when Tasha tagged in and tagged out to Kimber when Tasha refused to tag. Chaos then broke out with everyone hitting everyone, allowing Mercedes to get in and clean house, and Steelz slid in and stole the win. After the match, Alisha jumped the Undead Brides with Kendra. 6.5/10.

Alisha demanded a match with Kimber Lee. Gail Kim said fine. But it’ll be Alisha vs Kimber vs Jordynne Grace vs Savannah Evans, in a Monster’s Ball in Daffney’s honor at Knockouts Knockdown.

Decay hosted “All About Me” and thoroughly creeped out The Influence ahead of their title match at Knockouts Knockdown.

Moose said in this story, heroes get sent to the hospital. Morrissey said they’re not a team, they’re an alliance, and they’re taking that alliance to the Call Your Shot gauntlet at Bound For Glory.

And we go back to the action, with our second X-Division Championship Triple Threat qualifier, Black Taurus vs Steve Maclin vs Petey Williams. Maclin aggressively attacked the other two, dropping Petey, but then he got dropped by Taurus. Petey got back in it and took out Taurus, then used his speed to take out both of them. Maclin got back in it, aggressively using his strength, dropping both of them repeatedly. He hit a ridiculous backbreaker on Petey but Taurus took him out. Petey took out both, then they all traded big shots. After some extended rapid fire back and forth between all 3, Taurus hit a Spear on Maclin. Petey immediately caught Taurus with the Canadian Destroyer, but Maclin recovered and nailed Petey with the Mayhem for All for the win. Maclin advances to BFG. 7.5/10

Christian told Josh Alexander to keep his emotions in check tonight. He was interrupted by Christopher Daniels, who let him know he’s back to right some wrongs, and one of those is getting that Impact World Championship sooner rather than later.

To the ring we go, where the Learning Tree are set to take on Rich Swann and Willie Mack. Wasn’t much of a match, as All Night Long dominated all match long in a short, glorified squash match. After the match, Sam Beale and VSK jumped Swann and Mack, and Brian Myers put on the finishing touches. 6/10, unnecessary squash match.

Mickie James aggressively crashed a meeting between Deonna Purrazzo and Scott D’Amore, trying to destroy Deonna. He stopped her and told her there’s a no-contact clause until BFG. If Mickie touches Deonna she loses her title shot. If Deonna touches Mickie, she’ll be stripped of the title. And they’re both gonna pick their poison, starting with Mickie picking Deonna’s opponent for Knockouts Knockdown.

Iiiiiits Tiiime, for the main event of the evening, Ace Austin and Madman Fulton vs Christian Cage and Josh Alexander. Christian stated the match with Fulton. They traded shots, then Fulton powered right through a double team attempt. He tagged in Ace, but Alexander overpowered him. Ace used a Fulton distraction and regained control, and another distraction allowed him to maintain it. Alexander finally managed to counter his way to Cage, and Christian used his experience and unorthodox offense to take control, but yet another Fulton distraction allowed Ace to turn it around before Fulton outpowered Christian and started an extended beatdown. Christian survived and managed to tag in Josh, who managed to throw Fulton around. Fulton managed to power his way to the corner, but Christian stopped the double team and took out Fulton. Alexander took down Ace with a Chaos Theory, but Christian blind tagged in and hit the Killswitch for the win. 8/10.

Two weeks to go before the big show. 7/10 for this show, and next week is the penultimate show before Bound For Glory, so we’ll see who the final X-Division contender is, and Good Brothers still don’t have a challenger, so next week we’ll get the final card for BFG and maybe a few other surprises!

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