Impact Wrestling Review 10/14/21

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the second to last Impact before Bound For Glory. Anything can happen tonight as everyone jockeys for position before the big show. Let’s get right to it!

We open the action with the final X-Division Championship Triple Threat Qualifier between Willie Mack, El Phantasmo, and Rohit Raju. This match started out En Fuego, with Willie dodging Phantasmo who fell to the floor and then dropped Raju. Rohit responded with quickness, dropping Mack back and then trading shots with El Phantasmo. Rohit got the upper hand in that exchange, then Mack took him out before ELP used his speed and crazy fluid combos to take out both. All 3 traded shots before Willie managed to take out both. Willie continued to dominate both until ELP rolled to the floor. Phantasmo got back in in time to catch Willie with an insane Frankensteiner onto Rohit. Willie survived and caught ELP with the stunner but Bullet Club interfered, so Mack took them out. Rohit and ELP went at it, ELP hit the nut punch to Willie, then hit the Gotch Piledriver to Rohit for the win. Phantasmo advances to the final spot in the triple threat at BFG. 7.5/10

Ace Austin said he and Fulton being the final 2 in the Battle Royal tonight is bad for everyone else in the Call Your Shot match, because it puts Ace at number 20, and gives Fulton 19 victims in a row.

Back to the ring, where Lady Frost is set to take on Savannah Evans. Evans survived a short, quick flurry by Frost before taking over with pure power and athleticism. Frost made several small attempts to get back in it but Evans’s freakish power kept shutting her down. She finally managed to dodge a move in the corner and used her speed advantage to get back in it, but Evans took her head of with a clothesline and then slammed the door with a Full Nelson Slam. Deonna came out after the match and said she chooses Evans to face Mickie James next week. Evans accepted. 6.5/10 for Evans impressive strength.

Decay said they’re excited to face the debuting Inspiration at BFG, to introduce them to supreme violence and chaos.

To the ring we go, where Rich Swann and VSK are ready to face off after last week’s beatdown. VSK went at Swann as soon as the bell rang. Swann survived the early extended onslaught, then used his unique  strikes to gain control before hitting the Phoenix Splash for the win. 6.5/10, they could have done so much more with this match.

Swinger’s Palace finished packing up. Swingerella #1 tried to get at Swinger. He was a straight up dick to her. Sabin popped in to say goodbye. Swingerella #2 (Riley) tried to get with him. He told her his first love is the ring, he can’t stay, he has to go to BFG. What a gentleman. He sat down and reminisced about all the good times in Swinger’s Palace until the lights went out.

Heath went to Scott D’Amore and asked him to book him and Rhino against VBD at BFG. Scott said sign the Impact contract and its done.

We head to the ring, where Chris Bey (w/ Bullet Club) is all set to do battle with Chris Sabin (w/FinJuice). The match started in a dead heat, with both guys jockeying for the advantage. They traded strikes, and then arm drags, and then counters. The ref tossed both FinJuice and Bullet Club early, making this a one-on-one as it should be. The match basically hit the reset button, and Sabin gained the early advantage with some quick counters. Bey responded with some quick, effective, methodical strikes. He kept the momentum going with a flurry of high-flying moves and more strikes, methodically picking Sabin apart. He then started mixing in suplexes and chin locks, keeping Sabin grounded. Sabin finally used his experience advantage to counter out and started hitting some explosive throws and suplexes. Bey countered the Cradle Shock into an inverted TKO. Sabin countered the Art of Finesse into a backslide. Sabin dodged a Frogsplash, and they exchanged clotheslines. They traded big strikes. They traded counters. Finally, Sabin got the win with a counter into the Cradle Shock. Great match, they should run this back sometime soon. 8.5/10.

Trey Miguel said he’s calm and calculated going into Bound For Glory. Alex Zayne interrupted and said he beat Latedo Kid, but he has never and will never beat him. Miguel said if he wants a shot, he better bring all the sauce. Zayne said Trey can get a taste. Trey said he wants the whole kitchen. Damn, we fighting or eating?

The Good Brothers said they want to see FinJuice vs Bullet Club to determine who will face them at BFG. So do I Karl. So do I.

We’ve reached the main event, a 20-Man Battle Royal to determine who enters first and last in the Call Your Shot Gauntlet. The Undead Brides chased Swinger right out into an elimination. Alisha went right at Moose and Morrissey and got tossed. Ellering managed to eliminate Myers. Hernandez tossed Laredo Kid. Black Taurus eliminated himself and Hernandez. Matt Cardona tossed Matthew Rehwoldt. Rachel Ellering got eliminated by Raj Singh, who was immediately tossed by Jake Something. Fallah Bahh got eliminated during the commercial break. Ace Austin and Fulton tossed both Brandi Loren and Jake Something, then Fulton tossed Kimber Lee and Matt Cardona. Fulton got literally booted out by Moose and Morrissey, who then tossed Ace Austin. Sabin low bridged Moose. Final 2, and Morrissey literally tossed Sabin. Sabin gets the #1 spot in the Call Your Shot. Morrissey gets the 20th and final entry position. 7/10.

A promo airs to close the show. The forbidden door has been opened again. Minoru Suzuki is on his way to Impact Wrestling. Murder Grandpa is coming! 7/10 for tonight’s show, goodnight folks!

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