Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2021 review

Its time folks. Its all been building to this. Everyone jockeying for position, all the posturing, comes to a culmination. Let’s not waste any more time.

Our opening match is the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match. Decay defends against the debuting Inspiration. Inspiration came out to a live performance of their entrance theme and massive crowd response. Rosemary started the match very aggressive, taking it right to Cassie Lee. Jessie McKay tagged in and immediately met Havok, who was also aggressive, then they teamed up on The Inspiration. Jessie tagged out and her and Cassie managed to turn it around with strong double teams on Rosemary. Rosemary managed to survive and tagged in Havok, who took over, overpowering both of them. Both teams exchanged double team maneuvers. The Inspiration took control, taking out Rosemary first, then dropping Havok, then hitting a Powerbomb Neckbreaker on Rosemary for the pin. 7.5/10, #AaaandNeeew Impact Knockouts Tag Team Champions!!!

We go right into our next match. This is the Triple Threat X-Division Championship match, with Trey Miguel taking on Steve Maclin and El Phantasmo. Match started fast, with ELP dropping to the floor, leaving Maclin and Trey Miguel starting things off, with Maclin getting the early advantage. ELP slid back in and dropped Maclin, then Trey dropped ELP. Trey built up a head of steam and got tripped by ELP, allowing Maclin to catch him, and then he and ELP traded chops on Trey in the corner. Trey turned it around, hitting both of them at the same time. He locked ELP into an Indian Deathlock, then hit a neckbreaker on Maclin at the same time. ELP recovered and dropped Trey, then went on a rampage on both with unorthodox offense. They teamed up on Trey again, and he tried to fight them off but they overpowered him, then Maclin dropped them both with power moves. Maclin caught Trey mid-handspring with a Spear through the ropes. Maclin then uncharacteristically went airborn and hit multiple dives. ELP took out Maclin with a Moonsault to the floor, then Trey took out ELP with a better one. Trey and Maclin traded big shots, ELP broke it up. ELP hit a Frankensteiner on Trey onto Maclin and both kicked out. Trey and ELP finally took out Maclin, then ELP went for the nut punch, but Trey was wearing a cup. Trey hit a Dangerous Buster, and then the top rope Meteora on ELP and got the win! Trey is finally X-Division Champion! He did it!! 8/10.

Our third match of the evening is maybe a tag team match? Its Violent By Design vs Heath and….maybe Rhino? Deaner jumped Heath before the bell, with no sign of Rhino or anyone else coming to Heath’s aid. The bell rang and Heath took control over Deaner. A distraction by Joe Doering allowed Deaner to take control, and they began to systematically pick Heath apart with double teams and quick tags. Heath weathered the storm, but went to tag out and no one was there. Then … suddenly … Rhino arrived! He tagged in and exploded, cleaning house before finally hitting the gore! Gore! GORE! on Deaner for the win! 7/10.

Its time for someone to earn a shot at any title they want any time. Its time for the Call Your Shot Gantlet! Chris Sabin started, and his first opponent was….ROCKY ROMERO! The action started hot, with both guys trading shots and counters. Madman Fulton was the next man out, and immediately took them both on. They tried to team up to take him out but it didn’t work. Rohit Raju was out next. He dropped Sabin and Romero, then formed an alliance with Fulton. Nobody has been eliminated yet. Tasha Steelz is the next (and first) woman out. She immediately joined the alliance with Rohit and Fulton. Rocky Romero was finally tossed and we have our first elimination. Rachel Ellering is the next woman out and she immediately went after Tasha. Sabin managed to eliminate Fulton along with help from Ellering and accidentally Rohit who had used Fulton’s hair to prevent his own elimination. Savannah Evans was out next, but was eliminated relatively quickly by Ellering, who was then eliminated by Steelz. For some god awful reason Johnny Swinger was the next person into the match. He hit on Tasha and got smacked, and our next surprise hits as Melina enters the match. Melina dropped Steelz, then Swinger dropped Melina. The next surprise hits as the KISS Demon is the next participant (but…why?!). Swinger asks for an autograph, Demon gives it to him, then eliminates Swinger. Bryan Myers is next, Learning Tree in tow, and he immediately goes after the Demon. Well, he’s got balls. Matt Cardona is out next and he immediately goes at Myers after dropping the Learning Tree on the way in. Laredo Kid is the next entrant. Melina eliminated Steelz, then got eliminated by Myers. Sam Beale is the next surprise entrant, and to noone’s surprise he immediately teams with Myers. Rich Swann is the next competitor and he goes ham with the kicks. Beale saved Myers from elimination, only to eliminate Myers himself. Payback is a bitch. Ace Austin is out next, and he immediately eliminates the Demon. Moose is the next person out, and he eliminated Beale with a powerbomb into the Learning Tree. Enter Eddie Edwards, who went right after Moose. Swann eliminated Laredo Kid as Moose and Eddie spilled through the ropes to the floor. Not eliminated, they went through the ropes. While they fought on the outside, Alisha entered the match carrying Kenny and Kendra the Kendo Stick couple. She handed off Kenny to Eddie and they absolutely wore Moose out with them. Our final entrant, Morrissey, arrived, and Lish immediately went at him, only to get literally tossed into the Learning Tree (why are they still here). Morrissey boots out Eddie next. Rohit tries to team up with Moose and Morrissey and gets tossed by both. Sabin managed to eliminate Ace, and Fulton reappeared and absolutely destroyed Sabin. Moose and Morrissey gently toss Sabin. Swann and Morrissey go at it, and Moose turns on Morrissey and eliminates  them both, leaving just him and Matt Cardona.

Matt Cardona vs Moose is a singles match as they’re the last 2. They came to blows before Cardona managed to hit the Future Endeavor, but Moose dodged the top rope Radio Silence attempt and hit the Lights Out Spear for the win. Moose can now call his shot for any title, any time. 7.5/10, some good high spots and surprises.

We now have the Impact Tag Team Championship match featuring Good Brothers vs. Bullet Club vs FinJuice. Finlay and Bey start, continuing right where they left off last match, countering strike for strike and speed move for speed move. These guys can fight forever and I’d be ok with it. FinJuice started the double teams on Bey and he managed to survive and tag in Hikuleo as Gallows tagged himself in on Finlay. We now have a hoss fight as the two athletic big men go at it like a couple of bulls. Hikuleo managed to win that war and Finlay tagged Gallows, but Hikuleo kept the advantage with his power. He tagged in Bey, who briefly maintained the advantage, but Finlay managed to counter and tagged in Juice Robinson, who went nuts and hit everyone not named Finlay. Bey finally managed to drop Juice, and at that point all hell broke loose as everyone threw bombs at everyone else til everyone was laid out. FinJuice went for the Frogsplash Suplex combo, but Anderson gently tagged in on Juice in the process, and after they hit it, he tossed Juice and pinned Bey to escape with the titles! Good Brothers retain! Barely! 8/10, great match. #AndStill champions, the Good Brothers!

Our next match is one of the most highly anticipated on the show. Its time for the Knockouts Championship match, with Deonna Purrazzo defending against Mickie James! Mickie attacked the Virtuosa during the intros, before the bell could ring. She beat Deonna all over the ringside area, but Deonna survived and turned it around, inflicting serious damage before finally rolling her in the ring for the bell. Deonna then continued a systematic beatdown. Mickie somehow survived and finally was able to use her experience to counter. They traded big strikes and James hit a wicked kick to gain the advantage. She hit the top rope Thesz Press…and Purrazzo kicked out! They scrambled some more and she countered a Queen’s Gambit attempt with the Mickie-T…and the Virtuosa kicked out again. The Virtuosa managed to lock in the Venus De Milo and Mickie managed to reach the ropes. Deonna hit the Queen’s Gambit as she came back in…and Mickie kicked out! They scrapped some more, and Mickie went to the top, but Deonna pulled referee Brandon Tull in the way of the Thesz Press. She went to use a chair but Mickie hit the Mick Kick and sent it right into her face. She hit a step up tornado Mickie T and got the pin! Holy Shit, Mickie James did it! 8/10, #AndNEWWWW Knockouts Champion!

We have reached our main event of the evening! We have two guys that have had almost identical paths to this moment. Two guys that had to fight to get their career back after major injuries. In one corner, we have the most dominant X-Division Champion in recent history, the man who gave up an amazing title reign to take Option C and get a shot at glory. The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander! In the other corner, we have the man who had to retire due to injuries 7 years ago and made it back to the top. The only man to get a singles victory over Kenny Omega in over a year. Captain Charisma himself, Christian Cage! The match started at a stalemate, both guys tying up and trading rest holds. Alexander shoved Christian off the apron to finally gain the advantage. He immediately went to work with multiple quick suplexes and slams before Cage finally managed to counter an attempt at the C4 Spike with a backdrop to the floor. He tossed him into the railing headfirst and went to work, working over the head and neck of Alexander. Josh recovered and they traded shots in the corner before Alexander hit an absolutely disgusting German into the turnbuckles. He followed that up with multiple power moves and slams including an equally nasty powerbomb. Christian hit the Livewire, but Josh kicked out. He went for the Killswitch but Josh countered into an Ankle lock attempt that Christian converted into a sleeper pin attempt for 2. Josh kicked out and hit a rolling senton into a vicious flying knee. Christian hit a tornado DDT, but Josh dodged the following Spear attempt and hit a Chaos Theory. Josh transitioned from a Crossface into an Ankle Lock into the Sharpshooter in rapid succession, but Christian got the ropes. They fought into the corner and Josh hit a backdrop off the top, but Cage dodged the ensuing Moonsault attempt and then immediately hit a Spear. Josh kicked out. Cage then hit a big splash, but Alexander kicked out again. He went for another Spear but Josh dodged and he hit the post hard, hurting his shoulder. Alexander took advantage and yoked him up in an Ankle Lock, stepping on his good shoulder to keep him pinned, and Christian tapped! Cage tapped! Alexander did it! 9/10, #AndNEWWW Impact Champion! After the match, Cage handed him the belt and embraced him, then Alexander celebrated with his wife and kid in the ring. Until Moose came out. And cashed in his trophy. Moose is Calling his shot! Alexander got his family out of the ring and turned around, right into a Lights Out Spear! Holy Shit, Moose just cashed in! Moose is finally Impact World Champion!!!! Damn you Moose! Damn you!

Well damn, every championship except one changed hands tonight! 9/10, I honestly wasn’t expecting this much change, and Bound For Glory delivered in every way! Good night folks!

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