Monday Night RAW review 11-15

Yogi Berra, a hall of fame catcher for the New York Yankees, was known for his interviews just much as he was his on field stats (and he was also the inspiration of Yogi Bear, a little tidbit for cartoon enthusiasts out there) famously said “It’s like deja vu all over again”.  Well, not sure if Mr. Berra was a wrestling fan, but if he was and was alive today and he was a fan last nights RAW would have him saying that.

Sometimes I wonder if WWE tries to make a week to weak product that inspires the fan to watch the pay per view.  Thoughts aside on what I think about Survivor Series (I strongly believe NXT should have been involved again from the Survivor Series in 2019) I believe the show before a big pay per view should be important as well.  Well, apparently WWE creative doesn’t agree with me and it’s kind of sad.

The Mysterio’s where replaced in the five on five mens team, by Bobby Lashley (I’m ok with this) but the “Yo, lets take a selfie and post it on Instagram” Austin Theory?  I don’t think a push like this is needed for Theory.  He’s good, but he’s very young and I’d rather see Rey and Dom in the match, for Rey’s days could be numbered and I feel like Dominik could have learned from the experience of being in a Survivor Series team.

I’ve got no problem with a Keven Owens heel turn, but the way it’s possibly going I don’t feel is working.  Some people use the crybaby gimmick well but I don’t feel Owens is one of them, I’ve been wrong before though.

Trying to find a bright side for this show is difficult but I did like the moment where Big E told the Uso’s to send a a message back to Roman and I actually am looking forward to this match.  Becky Lynch’s promo time for Charlotte Flair was good as well and I liked the heat between Lynch and Liv Morgan but for the most part this show is stagnant and as I said at the beginning when looking at past weeks “It’s like deja vu all over again”

Well there’s the bell.  As always thank you for attending Grammar School. 

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