Impact Wrestling review 10/28/21

Welcome back folks, tonight we get all the fallout from a huge, shocking Bound For Glory! Everything has changed, so let’s get it on!

Moose opened the show, carrying his shiny new Impact World Championship. He was interrupted immediately by Eddie Edwards, wielding Kenny. Eddie went to town, lighting up Moose with Kenny, but Moose fought back and security broke it up on the stage. Moose went back to the ring. He said he knows he’s done a lot of bad stuff to get here. He tried to break his best friend’s neck. He took everything away from Josh Akexander in front of his wife and kid. And he has no regrets. He has the belt and he’s the best in the world. Better than Elite, better than any Chief, better than The Man, the Boss, the Queen, the King. He’s the real best bout machine. Adding a New Day to the week won’t help. After everything he did to get the title…imagine what he’ll do to keep it. Alexander rushed him and hit a surprise German. Moose managed to escape through the crowd and Minoru Suzuki arrived. Moose watched from the crowd as Murder Grandpa and the Walking Weapon stared each other down. Alexander turned his back to stare down Moose and Suzuki did not like that. He snatched him back around and they came to blows til security broke it up. Normally, I wouldn’t rate a promo segment, but the venom and chaos here makes me give this an 8/10. Loved everything about this, the cross-brand shots by Moose were great.

Moose told Gia backstage he knows how big the target on his back is, and he’s more than ready. Matt Cardona (always ready) interrupted and said he was that close to winning the Call Your Shot. Moose said that close gets you nothing. They came to blows until security broke it up. Security busy tonight.

To the ring we go for our first match of the night. Trey Miguel will defend his newly won X-Division Championship against Rocky Romero! They opened with counters before Trey took advantage with a nice combo.. Rocky tried to outsmart him but Trey was too quick and maintained control with a combo of quick strikes and high-flying moves. During the break Romero attacked his arm and took control. He maintained control with some well-timed counters and explosive athleticism. He continued to attack the arm and took control. Trey finally managed to counter an armbar attempt with a nice powerbomb. They traded strikes until Trey hit a wicked leaping knee. He went for a Meteora but Romero countered it into a half-crab. Trey got out, then countered a clothesline into a Dangerous Buster, then hit the Meteora off the top onto a seated Romero for the win to retain. 8/10. After the match, Maclin jumped Trey and nailed him with the Crosshairs in the corner.

Gia asked Jordynne Grace what she thinks her Digital Media Championship means. Tasha Steelz interrupted and trash talked Rachel Ellering, who responded by challenging her to a match tonight.

Maclin said no one has beaten him still. He wants what’s owed to him, what he deserves, an X- Division title shot. Scott D’Amore said he gets his chance to earn it outright next week. Cardona and Edwards argued over who gets the first shot at Moose. D’Amore put them in a 6-Man Tag with Alexander vs Moose and whomever he can find next week. He then saved Alexander from destroying Brian Hebner, whom he claimed put his family in danger at BFG. He told him to check his emotions before he does something stupid. Scott busy tonight.

We go back to the ring, where Rachel Ellering (w/Grace) will take on Tasha Steelz (w/Evans). Ellering started hot and aggressive with heavy shots and power moves. Tasha survived the onslaught and rolled out to the apron, then hit a slingshot to change momentum and used her striking and athleticism to maintain control. Rachel laid in some heavy shots and used her power to get back in it. Ellering got the win with a backside counter. 7/10.

W Morrissey said that at BFG, Moose ended their alliance when he betrayed him. Which is perfect because he wants the title. Moose interrupted and said he did the same thing Morrissey would have, but if he helps him again next week, he gets the first title shot. Morrissey said ok.

Gia attempted to interview the IInspiration. She asked what they’ll bring to the division. They said they’re here to inspire the Knockouts Division and take it to a new level. They failed to explain how.

Back to the ring we go, where Heath (w/Rhino) is set to take on Joe Doering (w/VBD). Heath countered the power early with his speed, but Doering shut that down with a wicked crossbody. He began a methodical beatdown, tossing Heath all around the ring. Heath survived and used his speed to counter again, but Deaner got involved. Rhino then got involved and tossed Deaner into the ring and the ref tossed the match out. After the match, VBD jumped them, and that’s when we found out Eric Young is 100% healed when he hit a huge flying elbow, then a Cactus Special. 6/10 because of the EY is back reveal.

Good Brothers gloated about winning at BFG. FinJuice interrupted and reminded them that not only did they not beat FinJuice at BFG (they pinned Chris Bey), but they’ve never beaten FinJuice. Good Brothers said they gotta earn another shot.

Gia tried to interview the Demon but Swinger interrupted. He said Demons aren’t welcome here. Decay interrupted and he ran. Demon said he came to Impact because Demons ARE welcome here.

Mickie James came out to the ring. She said she’s still on Cloud 9. When she came back, she had no aspirations for the title but she’s not one to turn down a chance at Glory. She said Deonna gave her quite possibly the match of her career. She knows Deonna has a rematch, but since she’s currently unreachable, she’s concerned about now and excited about the future because there’s plenty of other competition. Madison Rayne interrupted. She said congrats, and she guesses it only makes sense that Mickie can just waltz back in and get a title shot because she’s considered a pillar of the division, while Rayne goes largely ignored despite being a five time champion. Mickie reminded her that Raynes has left on 3 separate occasions herself. Madison challenged her to a title match next week. Mickie said ok, but told her to make sure Kaleb comes to get a good picture of her victory. Kaleb called her stupid. She slapped the taste out of his mouth.

Moose and Morrissey recruited Murder Grandpa for next week. Uh oh.

We have reached our main event of the evening. Chris Sabin is looking for a little revenge on Ace Austin (w/Fulton). This match started very quick, with both guys trading counters. Sabin got the advantage, forcing Ace to retreat to the corner and regroup. Ace tried to use his quickness but Sabin was faster and stayed ahead of him. He started to attack Ace’s knee, so Ace got creative and hit him with a hot shot. Ace slowed the match down and intermixed strikes and some dirty maneuvers to gain the advantage. Sabin got back in it by using his speed and attacking the knee. They traded counters before Ace nailed a couple of nice kicks. Sabin managed to counter the Fold and hit a beautiful Springboard Spinning DDT. Fulton attempted to cause a distraction, but Sabin kicked him in the face and caught Ace, but Fulton again got involved, which allowed Ace to hit the Fold for the win. 8/10 despite the interference.

Well that was a lot of chaos, but we’re on our way to Turning Point and Hard to Kill. 7/10 for the show, and next week we get the Impact in-ring debut of The King Minoru Suzuki!!!

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