Impact Wrestling review 11/4/21

Can you feel it? The anticipation? We have a Knockouts title match, TWO contender’s matches, and the Impact debut of the King, The Murder Grandpa himself, Minoru Suzuki…all in one night! Lets not waste anymore time. Welcome to the Impact Zone!

Our opening match of the evening is a Fatal 4way to determine the new #1 Contender to the X-Division Championship between Steve Maclin, Rohit Raju, Black Taurus, and Laredo Kid. Maclin came out swinging, dropping everyone to start, but Taurus turned it around. Rohit dived onto Maclin on the floor. Taurus then dived onto both of them. Then Laredo dived onto all 3. They got back in the ring, and Rohit dropped Taurus, then went to battle with Maclin, but Taurus dropped them both. Laredo broke up a Pinfall by Taurus, then hit a Rana to the floor on him. He rolled him in and Mackin and Raju broke up the pin. Taurus took out Maclin on the floor, while Rohit dropped Laredo. Rohit turned to drop Maclin, and that allowed Laredo to nail the Michinoku Driver on Rohit for the win. 7.5/10. After the match, Trey came out and shook Laredo’s hand. Maclin tried to jump them but they took him out. Maclin is still undefeated however.

Ace Austin bragged about beating Chris Sabin last week, even wearing an “I Beat Chris Sabin” shirt. Fulton said he’s gonna pick Sabin apart tonight.

Eric Young came out and said Rhino learned last week that you don’t leave Violent By Design. He said tonight he begins to build a monument of violence that will stand for generations. Eric Young’s victim…i mean opponent…came out. He asked the kid his name. Jay Vidale. Apparently he’s popular there in Vegas.

Eric Young vs Jay Vidale went pretty much as expected. Young dismantled this poor kid, mercifully ending it rather quickly with a Cactus Special. 4/10.

Decay tricked the IInspiration into thinking they were gonna be on Locker Room talk, then stalked them throughout the back before they finally got away after Turning Point appeared on a mirror.

Gia warned the IInspiration that if they don’t like ghosts or creepy, they should probably avoid the Undead Brides. That seemed to give then some kind of idea.

We head back to the ring, where FinJuice hope to earn a title shot in non-title action against the Good Brothers. Anderson and Finlay started, with David getting early control. Juice took over and they started to work over Karl with quick tags and double teams. An LG distraction allowed Anderson to get in an eye rake, then Gallows got in a big shot on the floor and they took over. Gallows maintained control before Juice managed to counter and tag in Finlay, who came in En Fuego. He repeatedly dropped both, then they went for the Doomsday Device but Anderson countered, then all 4 guys hit big shots, before Bullet Club hit the rng. El Phantasmo hit not one, but 2 nut punches on Gallows, a ball stomp on Anderson, and two nut punches with the title belt to FinJuice. 7.5/10, and ELP may have mastered the low blow better than anyone in history. He’s made it an art form.

FinJuice went to Scott D’Amore and demanded he do something about Bullet Club. D’Amore put them in a match against Bullet Club next week. Winner gets a title shot. And he guaranteed there will be a winner.

Back to the ring we go, and its time for our Knockouts Championship. The challenger, one of the most decorated Knockouts of all time, the five time champ, the Lockerroom Leader, Madison Rayne. The champion, one of the greatest women’s wrestlers of all time, Hardcore Country Mickie James. This is a ppv quality match right here. Mickie got the advantage early, staying one step ahead of Rayne. Eventually, Kaleb created a distraction that allowed Rayne to take advantage, then Rayne distracted the ref and Kaleb tossed Mickie off the top. Mickie kept fighting back multiple times, but Madison kept countering before Mickie finally managed to hit a series of moves, but once again Kaleb caused a distraction, which allowed Rayne to hit a vicious ripcord cutter. Mickie rolled to the outside and Kaleb went to slap her, but she finally countered him and took him out. Then she dodged Rayne and hit the top rope Thesz Press for the win to retain. 7.5/10. After the match, Mercedes Martinez came out. She said congrats, mad respect. And her next challenger is right in front of her. She won the Knockouts Knockdown tournament, and she’ll see her at Turning Point.

The IInspiration found the Undead Brides feeding on…something. They asked them to take out Decay for them. The Brides…agreed? I think?

Alexander, Eddie, and Cardona managed to get on the same page for tonight. Barely.

And to the ring we go. Madman Fulton is looking to finish what Ace Austin started last week with Chris Sabin. Fulton attempted to overpower Sabin early but Sabin kept countering and dodging until Fulton caught him coming on a dive to the outside and chokeslammed him onto the apron. He physically dissected him through the break and after, using his power to ground him. Sabin weathered the storm and countered back into it with strikes, a low bridge, and a huge dive. He kept control with his speed until Fulton caught him in a torture rack facebuster. Sabin survived and countered him with a Tornado DDT attempt that he turned into a Small Package when Fulton tried to block. 7.5/10. After the match, Sabin avoided the double team attempt and escaped.

We’ve reached our much anticipated main event of the evening. In one corner, we have Matt Cardona, Josh Alexander, and Eddie Edwards. In the other we have W Morrissey, Moose, and The King Minoru Suzuki. Moose wanted to start but when Suzuki saw Alexander was going to start for his team he insisted on tagging in. Murder Grandpa got the early advantage with masterful chain wrestling and wicked strikes. He tagged in Morrissey, who got dropped by Alexander before Eddie tagged in and went nuts, taking down all three, then everyone got involved and hit someone with a dive. They kept control through the break until Suzuki locked in a draping armbar, allowing Moose to gain the advantage. He tagged in the King, who locked in multiple submissions on Cardona before the quick tags and extended team beatdown began. Cardona kept fighting back but got shut down multiple times before he finally managed to counter, but the ref was distracted and missed the tag to Eddie and the beatdown resumed. He finally managed to counter again and tagged in Alexander who went to work, repeatedly suplexing Moose, then dropping Morrissey, then teaming up with Eddie to drop Morrissey again. Akexander and Suzuki finally started trading shots before all hell broke loose and all 6 guys traded absolute bombs. Cardona took out Moose, Suzuki took out Alexander with the Gotch Piledriver, and then Morrissey hit a massive powerbomb on Eddie for the win. 7.5/10, surprisingly good match.

Well that’s it for this week folks. Turning Point is starting to take shape as we build towards Hard to Kill. 7.5/10 for the show. See you next week!

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