Impact Wrestling review 11/11/21

Ladies and gentlemen I apologize for the delay. Time to start catching you up on the world of Impact Wrestling. Lets hop right into it.

Our opening match of the evening is a #1 Contender’s Match between Bullet Club and FinJuice. This has been a helluva rivalry so far. Bey and Finlay started the match. They traded counters before Finlay got the advantage with power and tagged in Juice. Juice maintained that control and FinJuice started in with the quick tags. ELP provided a distraction, and that allowed Bey to drop Juice to the outside. The referee was then distracted which allowed Hikuleo to get involved, and then Bullet Club started with the quick tags themselves and double team beatdown of Juice. Juice finally countered a double titty twister with the Left Hand of God and managed to tag in Finlay as Bey tagged in. Finlay hit the ring on fire, dropping everyone before FinJuice started the double teaming, wearing down Bey and fighting off ELP repeatedly. ELP finally managed to successfully distract Finlay, which allowed Bey to counter Juice and they hit the Double team for the win. 7.5/10. After the match, the Good Borthers jumped them, but Hikuleo single handedly took them both out. it will be Bullet Club challenging the Good Brothers at Turning Point for the titles.

Scott D’Amore told josh Alexander to focus on Suzuki, then he can worry about being the number one contender. Alexander didn’t seem to like that much.

Brian Myers told Sam Beale he got lucky last week. He challenged him to a match to get some revenge for the loss on BTI last week.

Our next match is likely going to be a televised murder, with Minoru Suzuki facing Kaleb with a K. And it went exactly as you’d expect. Murder Grandpa bullied Kaleb early, no sold about 6 strikes, then destroyed him with the Gotch Piledriver. 6/10, simply because its Murder Grandpa murdering someone.

Moose said he knows everyone in the Triple Threat is dangerous, but whoever wins should be concerned because they have to face him, The Wrestling God.

Back to the ring we go, with Decay facing the Undead Bridesmaids. Decay started out hard, with vicious stereo Big Boots on the floor. Right as they got everyone in the ring, The IInspiration came out and sat on the stage to watch this match up close. The Bridesmaids took advantage of the distraction. Kimber Lee went to work on Rosemary with vicious strikes, then tagged out to Brandi Loren and they started the double team offense. Rosemary managed to counter Loren and tagged in Havok, who absolutely demolished Brandi very very quickly for the win. 6.5/10, that ending was very sudden. Even IInspiration looked a bit taken aback.

Heath and Rhino said they thought it was over with Violent By Design at Bound For Glory. They realize now that they were wrong, there is still more to do. Rhino said that at Turning Point, he will purge the poison of VBD from his mind, body, and soul with a gore! Gore! GORE!

The IInspiration told the Undead Bridesmaids that they absolutely failed them so next week, they will be taking them out.

Chris Sabin said that at Turning Point, he’s gonna rip that I Beat Chris Sabin shirt off of Ace Austin and wipe his ass with it.

We go back to the ring, where Madison Rayne will take on Mercedes Martinez. Rayne started out the match with trash talk, which Martinez responded to with a showcase of her power. Rayne countered with a Codebreaker/backstabber combo, and used her technical ability to keep her grounded. Mercedes eventually powered out and regained control with her significant power advantage. Madison survived and turned it around with her quickness and agility. Martinez again countered with her power, then outsmarted Rayne with a nifty pinfall for the win. 7/10, better than i expected. After the match, Rayne dropped her, hit the ripcord cutter, then went to work with a chair. Mickie James made the save before too much damage could be done, but after she helped Mercedes up, Martinez hit her with the Air Raid Crash.

Maclin pointed out that he STILL hasn’t been pinned or submitted and therefore deserves another shot at the X-Division Championship. Trey interrupted him and said he’s tired of Maclin’s woe is me crap. If he wants a shot all he has to do is ask. D’Amore said fine, if Maclin can beat Laredo Kid next week the match will become a Triple Threat at Turning Point.

Sam Beale said next week, its him and Bryan Myers, and maybe he can repeat history and teach Myers a thing or two in the process.

To the ring we go, where a very irritated Rohit Raju takes on Rocky Romero. The match started a bit slow, with both guys very carefully trading shots. Rocky finally got the advantage, taking Rohit to the floor, but during the break Rohit turned it around. He maintained control with well-placed strikes and holds and some help from Raj Singh on the floor. Rocky battled his way back into the match with strikes and quickness, and veteran savvy. They started trading shots and pin attempts. Raj distracted the ref during an armbar attempt by Rocky, so Romero dropped him. Rohit took advantage of the distraction and hit a nasty flying knee/running knee combo. 7.5/10, good match.

We have reached the main event of the evening. This will be a triple threat to determine the first challenger for Moose at Turning Point between W. Morrissey, Eddie Edwards, and Matt Cardona. Morrissey got the immediate advantage to start with huge power shots to both Cardona and Edwards. He eventually took Eddie over the ropes to the floor and focused his attack on Cardona, methodically beating him down. Edwards managed to reinsert himself into the match, but Morrissey overpowered their double team attempt and nailed a double chokeslam. He tossed Eddie back out and maintained control over Cardona through the break, continuously beating down and tossing around Cardona and dropping Eddie to prevent him from getting back in. Edwards finally managed to get back in the ring but was immediately overpowered by Morrissey. Morrissey took out Cardona and turned his focus to Edwards. They traded shots, which ended when Morrissey hit a nasty uppercut. Cardona got back in the ring and they finally succeeded in teaming up against Morrissey with some quick moves. Morrissey fought back and dropped them bot. He continued to fight them both off, until they finally managed to hit him with a double suplex and then lowbridged him out of the ring. They continued to work him over on the floor, then they got in the ring and went at it until Eddie hit the Boston Knee Party on Cardona for the win. 8/10, Eddie Edwards gets the first crack at Moose at Turning Point!

Well, that’s it for this week’s edition. 7/10, solid show and the build towards Turning Point is nearly complete! We now have all but 1 title match set up, with Maclin getting his opportunity to change the match for the X-Division Championship next week!

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