Impact Wrestling Review 11/18/21

We’re back ladies and gentlemen with another review of that sweet, sweet Impact action. This is the final show before Turning Point and anything can happen as everyone is trying to gain the advantage. Let’s get into it!

Our opening match of the evening features Maclin trying to get himself right back into the X-Division championship picture against the current #1 Contender Laredo Kid. The match started even, with both guys trading holds, then pin attempts. Laredo went for a huge dive but Maclin dodged then hit an absolutely ridiculous dive himself. Back in the ring, Laredo managed to dodge the Crosshairs attempt in the corner, then hit an insane dive for himself. He followed that up with a Michinoku Driver and a flashy double moonsault. Maclin hit a decleater clothesline. Laredo responded with a Cartwheel DDT. Maclin tried to take his head off with another clothesline. Laredo responded with a Poisoned Rana. Maclin caught him in the tree of woe and then nailed him with the Crosshairs, then nailed him with the Mayhem For All. 8/10, Maclin is in the X-Division Championship match at Turning Point!

Earlier tonight on BTI, Myers lost to Sam Beale again, and as a result he completely destroyed him after the match with a steel chair and a con-chair-to. Because of that heinous attack, Rich Swann challenged Myers to a match at Turning Point to avenge Beale.

Trey Miguel said that Maclin keeps making the point that he’s never been beaten, so at Turning Point, he’s going to make it his mission to beat Maclin.

Chris Sabin told Ace Austin that if he wants to prove he can actually beat Sabin, then accept his match and do it without Madman Fulton. They tried to jump him and he fought them off, locking Fulton in a walk-in fridge in the process.

We go back to the ring, where its time for the IInspiration to punish the Undead Bridesmaids for failing to take out Decay last week. The IInspiration outsmarted the Bridesmaids to start the match, but the very unorthodox style of Brandi Loren briefly got them back into it. It was short lived as a quick double-team ended the match for the IInspiration. 6/10. After the match, Decay came out and surrounded the IInspiration. They took the titles, held them up, and scared the piss out of them, then gave them back the belts and left.

Chelsea Green said she wants the Digital Media Championship and nothing will stand in her way. Matt Cardona said on the other side of Turning Point, he wants a title shot. Morrissey interrupted and informed Cardona that he’s in Cardona’s way. Cardona said if Morrissey is gonna be at Turning Point and is in his way, then he guesses he’s gonna see him at Turning Point.

Moose attacked Eddie Edwards backstage mid-interview. They fought all the way from the back to the ring. Moose hit a Urinagi, then a Powerbomb on the apron. He wrapped a chair around Eddie’s neck and slammed him into the post. Somehow Eddie fought back with a chair of his own, then hit a vicious Tiger Bomb. Then he hit a Boston Knee Party through the ropes. He laid Moose out on a table on the outside, then set up a ladder. Moose escaped and ran as he climbed the ladder. Scott D’Amore came out at that point and said if they wanna kill each other fine. He made the title match at Turning Point a Full Metal Mayhem match!

Mercedes Martinez said she respected Mickie James, but that mutual respect is now out the window, and in 2 days, Mickie’s time is up and her legacy begins.

We head back to the ring, where we get a hoss fight between Hikuleo and Doc Gallows. LG got the early advantage with heavy strikes, beating Hikuleo all the way around the outside of the ring. However, as soon as it got back inside the ring, Hikuleo turned it around, and then a Bullet Club distraction allowed him to hit a low blow. They traded massive chops, then Bey got in a shot behind the ref’s back. Hikuleo kept control by keeping Gallows grounded, then they exchanged Clotheslines. Gallows finally regained the advantage with massive kicks. Hikuleo withstood and countered with a nasty powerslam. LG finally managed to catch him with a Chokebomb for the win. 7.5/10

Deonna was “interviewed” by Gia, but refused to actually answer any of her questions, then said everyone will find out what is next when she’s ready to tell them.

Back to the ring we head, where Decay and The Demon are set to face Fallah Bahh, Johnny Swinger, and Hernandez. The match started with Swinger taunting Taurus with a red bandana, going full Ole. Steve tagged in, and Hernandez took him out. Bahh hit a swinging Elbow, then tagged Swinger back in. Steve managed to counter Steve and tagged in The Demon. Decay took out SuperMex and Bahh, allowing The Demon to submit Swinger with the Crossface Chickenwing. 6/10. After the match, Decay made a deal with Bravo to help cheer up Swinger. They’ll help Bravo, in exchange for his sweet, sweet virgin blood. So we’re back on this again.

Mickie James thanked Martinez for firing her up. She said that Mercedes claims to be an OG, but at Turning Point she’s gonna get an original ass whoopin courtesy of Hardcore Country.

Its time for our main event of the evening. This is one of the most anticipated matchups we’ve had recently. In one corner, you have the uber-motivated, Walking Weapon Josh Alexander. In the other, you have the King, the Murder Grandpa, Minoru Suzuki. The match started quick with hold counters. Suzuki took advantage with strikes but Alexander overpowered him. Suzuki countered with the draping armbar on the apron. Suzuki went full Murder Grandpa, beating Alexander all over the ringside area. He continued the beatdown inside the ring. He went away from the technical wrestling and focused on strikes, beating Josh up and getting him into a chop and forearm fight. Then he went for the rear choke, Alexander blocked it, so he went for the Gotch Piledriver. Alexander overpowered him and went for the Ankle Lock. Suzuki countered and went for the choke again, Alexander countered again with the Ankle Lock. Suzuki countered with a nasty forearm. Josh responded with one of his own, then nailed Suzuki with the C4 Spike for the win. 8/10, excellent match.

Decay met Swinger outside with the Swingerellas, Hernandez, Bahh, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb, and they transported everyone to….WRESTLE HOUSE 2?!

7/10, and we have our card for Turning Point locked and loaded! The next time I’m here it will be an all out jam packed Turning Point review. Stay tuned!!!

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