Turning Point 2021 Review

Ok folks, the wait is over! Time for the review of the last big show of the year for Impact Wrestling. Every title is on the line tonight, feuds will be resolved, new feuds may begin, and anything can happen. Lets get into it! Its time, for your Turning Point review!!!!

We open the action tonight with the culmination of weeks of adversity and taunting, as Chris Sabin takes on Ace Austin. Austin got the early advantage with a couple of slams, but Sabin countered back with some great chain wrestling, then a slam of his own and a wicked clothesline. Fulton saved Ace from a Sabin dive, so Sabin punted him in the head from the apron and gained control of the match. He kept Ace grounded and mixed in some strikes, but Ace finally managed to counter out with a wicked Russian Leg Sweep from the second rope. He maintained his control by hitting Sabin from all angles with some nasty strikes, using that athleticism and fluid motion that has made him one of the fastest rising stars in professional wrestling. Sabin weathered the storm and finally managed to hit a nice jumping DDT. He then went airborne, then hit some big slams and throws. Ace tried to use his educated feet to counter, but Sabin did the same thing and they both hit leaping Inseguiris and dropped each other. Ace got up first and reeled off a series of vicious kicks and a nice helicopter fame-asser off the top. Sabin recovered and hit a wicked Superplex. He followed with his beautiful patented Hesitation Dropkick in the corner, then attempted to take out Fulton. Fulton tried to respond with a distraction, but Sabin caught Ace coming for the Fold and hit the Cradleshock on him for the win. 8/10, great match to start the night. He took the I Beat Chris Sabin shirt with him on his way out.

We go right to the next match, which is a revenge match as Rhino and Heath attempt to permanently put an end to the damage Violent By Design has been doing to Rhino. Rhino and Doering opened the match, throwing ridiculous haymakers. Heath tagged in, and Doering bullrushed him and tagged in Eric Young. Heath tried to tag Rhino back in but Eric ran. Heath took it to Doering, who seemed to hurt his knee at some point, but Deaner caused a distraction, got caught by the ref, and got tossed. The distraction allowed Joe to regain control, and VBD began the double-team beatdown with quick tags. Heath finally managed to dodge an EY cannonball in the corner but couldn’t quite make it Rhino and the beatdown resumed. Heath finally managed to dodge a move again, this time by Doering, kicked Young into him, and tagged in Rhino. Rhino went nuts, taking it to EY, then things broke down, and during the chaos of everyone hitting everyone EY nailed Rhino in the head with the hockey mask he wore to the ring and got the pin. 7/10, good match though I wanted to see more Rhino.

Our next match is Rich Swann (w/ Willie Mack) vs VSK (w/ Zicky Dice), who is subbing in for Bryan Myers, who mysteriously picked up an “injury” while training. Swann started out a house of fire, nailing VSK with the quick strike offense. VSK survived and dodged a cannonball off the apron to swing the momentum in his favor. They traded strikes back in the ring and VSK focused his attack to the back and neck of Swann, taking advantage of the miss on the floor. Swann weathered the violent storm and turned it around with a pinpoint kick and strikes and quickness. Zicky Dice tried to provide the distraction, and Willie Mack took out Dice. VSK caught Swann coming in with a nasty draping X-Factor, then a vicious Backbreaker/backstabber combo. Swann survived and hit the Springboard Cutter and then the Frogsplash, but VSK managed to kick out, so Swann went back up top and nailed a gorgeous Phoenix Splash for the win. 8/10, surprisingly great match.

The action doesn’t stop, as we go right into our next match, with a rivalry that has been brewing since the Call Your Shot gauntlet a month ago between W. Morrissey and Matt Cardona. Morrissey attempted to dominate with his power early, but Cardona managed to use his speed and agility to stay a step ahead of him. He got Morrissey to the outside, but W caught him coming on a dive and swung him like a sack of garbage into the steps. Twice. Morrissey immediately began the beatdown, taking his time, overpowering Cardona repeatedly and just beating him up and throwing him around. Cardona managed to weather the storm and counter his way back in. He used his agility and speed advantage to stay ahead of Morrissey before hitting two Reboots and sending him through the ropes to the floor. Morrissey caught him coming again and hit a nasty Chokeslam on the apron. Morrissey went for a move in the ring, but Cardona dodged and Morrissey hit the ref by mistake. Cardona hit the Radio Silence, but the ref was down and couldn’t make the count. At that point, Moose came out out of nowhere and hit the Lights Out Spear on Cardona with the ref still down. Morrissey recovered and made the cover as the ref came to, and got the win. 7.5/10 nothing fancy but a good back and forth match between two guys with something to prove. Presumably Morrissey will get the next title shot.

Right back to the ring, we have our first of 4 title matches of the evening, as the Knockouts Tag Team Championships are on the line with The IInspiration looking to defend against the very motivated former champs Decay. Rosemary came into the match hot as soon as the bell rang, and it broke down on the floor quickly, with Decay taking full advantage and tossing the IInspiration around ringside. They got back into the ring and Cassie Lee finally managed to counter Havok and they went to work with double teams and quick tags, focusing the damage on Havok’s arm. They kept her isolated and piled on the damage to her arm before she finally managed to counter out and tag in Rosemary, who came in on fire and dropped both members of the IInspiration. Her and Havok did some double teaming of their own for a minute, then Havok went for the win but got baited into a nice double team by the IInspiration. They hit a Big Boot Powerbomb combo move on Rosemary off the apron, leaving Havok alone in the ring. She tried to take them both on but the arm was an issue and they eventually got the win with a double team and then a pin with feet on the ropes in the corner. 7.5/10, definitely better than the first match. #ANDSTILL YOUR KNOCKOUTS TAG CHAMPS, THE IINSPIRATION.

Chris Sabin told Gia that he was gonna wipe his ass with the shirt originally, but its a nice shirt, good material, so instead, he modified it a bit. It now reads I AM CHRIS SABIN.

We go back to the ring, for our second title match of the evening. This one will be a triple threat, with the X-Division Champion Trey Miguel defending against the electrifying Laredo Kid AND the still unbeaten Steve Maclin. Laredo and Trey did the smart thing and started out teaming up to try to take out Maclin, and everyone wound up on the floor early. Maclin hit the SCUD on Trey, Laredo hit a 450 on Maclin while he was recovering. Trey then hit a ridiculous Rana on Laredo off Maclin’s shoulders from the apron, and Maclin hit an insane Bussaiko Knee on Trey. Trey then dove onto both from the ring. Maclin and Trey got back in and Maclin hit a Urinagi on Trey. Laredo took them both out. Maclin powerbombed Laredo on the apron, hard. Maclin blocked a split-legged attempt by Trey, putting him in the Tree of Woe, then nailed the Crosshairs on Trey while holding Laredo. Trey managed to counter Mayhem For All, and they finally teamed up on Maclin again. They dropped Maclin and then traded rapid fire strikes, then Laredo hit a Poisoned Rana on Maclin and the Laredo Fly on Trey. Maclin broke up the pin. Laredo hit a crazy driver on Maclin, but Maclin countered his 450 attempt with his knees and hit Mayhem for All, but Trey broke up the pin with the Top Rope Meteora and went for a double pin on both. Maclin kicked out at the last second, but Laredo did not kick out, so Trey got the win, but did not beat Maclin again. Maclin is still unbeaten, Trey is still the X-Division Champion. 8.5/10, excellent match. This ain’t over between him and Maclin.

The action continues with the Knockouts Championship. In one corner, the challenger, the real OG, the Boricua Badass, Mercedes Martinez. In the other, the reigning, defending champion, the legend, the icon, Hardcore Country Mickie James. The match started slow, with both ladies countering hold for hold. They traded wristlocks and headlocks until Mercedes laid in a few big strikes. Mickie countered with her own strikes before Martinez hit the Buckle Bomb, then the Fisherman Buster, and took control. Mickie managed to hit a couple of precision kicks, but Martinez countered the Mickie-T with an Air Raid Crash for a long two count. She followed that up with a wicked half & half suplex, then an absolutely disgusting Spider German Suplex off the top that she almost messed up. Mickie managed to recover enough to block a trap dragon sleeper attempt, then hit a short DDT, then the Mickie T for the win. 7/10, actually a pretty good match. After the match, Deonna Purrazzo came out of nowhere and attacked Mickie, locked her in the Venus De Milo, then hit the Gotch Piledriver and said she’s enacting her rematch clause at Hard to Kill. Well then.

Scott D’Amore said he wished people would let him do his job, but yes, Deonna will take on Mickie James at Hard to Kill for the Knockouts Championship. However, that’s not all. Also at Hard to Kill, a new number one contender for the Knockouts Championship will be determined. For the first time ever, six women will compete to be the new number one contender…in a Knockouts Ultimate-X Match! Holy Shit!!!

To the ring we go, and its time for the Impact World Tag Team Championship match. In one corner we have those troublemakers, those moment-makers, the worldwide gangstas known as Bullet Club. In the other corner, we have one of the most dominant tag teams of all time, those Elite players themselves, the reigning, defending two time champs….the Good Brothers. Bey and Anderson started the match, immediately having a quick counter fest before the speed of Bey allowed him to take over and tag in Hikuleo. Hikuleo quickly did some damage with his power then tagged Bey back in, but Karl managed to slip away to the corner and tag in Doc Gallows. Bey actually managed to avoid and counter the Big LG and got Hikuleo back into the ring. Hikuleo got the better of LG and worked him over a bit and tagged Bey back in. LG was able to regain control by overpowering Bey, and the Good Brothers started the quick tag double team beatdown. Bey managed to send Karl to the floor and Hikuleo dropped him hard. Hikuleo tagged back in and continued to work over Karl on the floor and in the ring with his power game before tagging Bey back in. Anderson finally managed to dodge and counter Bey and hit a vicious Spinebuster, and then they both tagged out and the hoss fight began. Hikuleo and Gallows traded haymakers until Bey and Anderson tagged back in, and Bey hit a ridiculous rapid fire combo to drop Karl. LG took out Hikuleo on the floor, which allowed Anderson to distract the ref so LG could drop Bey, and then Anderson got the quick roll-up with the tights for the win. 7.5/10, once again those damn Good Brothers somehow manage to escape with the titles. #AndStill your Impact World Tag Team Champions, and I have no idea at this point who’s gonna beat em.

Josh Alexander came out, unscheduled and irritated. He said two days ago he beat Suzuki. He should be happy, but he’s not. He’s angry. He’s angry at what Moose did in front of his family at Bound For Glory. He’s angry that he’s not on the card tonight, that he’s not the one facing Moose for the Impact World Championship. But he’s focused. And one way or another he will have the title again. He was interrupted by unfamiliar music, and the screen lit up with the name Jonah. Suddenly Jonah Rock appeared and jumped Josh from behind! Jonah dropped him, then hit 4 massive Sentons in a row in rapid fire fashion. That apparently wasn’t enough, so he went to the top and hit a ridiculous Tsunami! Security came out and tried to remove him and he violently took them out while Josh started coughing up blood. Jonah started to leave, then changed his mind and decided more damage was needed as he climbed to the top and hit another nasty Tsunami, then wiped some of Alexander’s blood on his shirt. Jesus, Jonah Rock just made an IMPACT.

Ok folks, its time for the main event of the evening, Full Metal Mayhem for the Impact World Championship. In one corner, your challenger. The heart and soul of Impact Wrestling, the man who will not die, the unconquerable Eddie Edwards! And in the other corner, we have your reigning, defending champion, the best in the world, the five tooled athlete, the Wrestling God, MOOSE. Both guys chose violence and came out swinging, throwing vicious forearms and chops. Moose no-sold a nasty snap German suplex, but Eddie immediately caught him charging in and back dropped him from the ring through a table on the floor. Well that was fast. Eddie took control, swinging for the fences with a garbage can. Moose countered with a home run shot with a cookie sheet. Eddie responded with a wicked dive, then lit Moose up with multiple cookie sheets of his own. Moose responded with a ridiculous powerbomb on the ramp, then choked him with a chair. They traded shots on the apron, then Eddie dropped him with a wicked DDT on the apron. Eddie took a couple drinks from fans (Covid what?), then threw a chair and a ladder at Moose. Moose hit him with a disgusting powerbomb on the apron that folded Eddie up like a newspaper, then hit another one through a table after holding him up and making him think about it. Moose made a hell tower inside the ring by setting up a ladder and wedging another ladder between it and the turnbuckles. He put Eddie’s head in a chair on the floor and threw him into the post. Eddie managed to survive and dodged a chair shot and lit Moose up with a trashcan lid. He laid Moose out on the wedged ladder, then climbed the set up ladder. Moose recovered and met him at the top and they duked it out until Eddie hit an absolutely insane Sunset Flip Powerbomb from the top of the standing ladder through the wedged ladder. It looked like he tweaked his knee in the process but kept going, and somehow Moose kicked out. Eddie grabbed a chain from under the ring, wrapped it around his knee, and taped it in place. He went for a Boston Knee Party, but Moose caught him coming in and laid him out with a nasty Urinagi. Eddie managed to recover and countered the Lights Out with a knee strike and hit a couple more knee strikes. Moose powered him up and hit a sick Powerbomb onto the ladder, Eddie managed to recover and nailed him with the Boston Knee Party with the chain wrapped knee. Somehow, Moose kicked out. They both grabbed kendo sticks and we have a full reset. Violence ensued with disgusting kendo sticks shots by both until they dropped each other. It was at this point Morrissey attempted to make his presence felt, holding Eddie for Moose to hit the Lights Out. Matt Cardona, however, ran out and stopped the pinfall, and then fought Morrissey out of the arena. Eddie hit a Hibachi DDT but Moose kicked out. Eddie grabbed scissors and cut the ring canvas away, revealing the hard wood underneath. The hell he have in mind? Didn’t matter, because Moose blocked the move and nailed Eddie with a low blow, then hit a Urinagi on the the exposed wood. Not satisfied that that would be enough, Moose backed off, then hit the Lights Out Spear for the win. 9/10, holy shit what a war. #AndStill the Impact World Champion, Moose.

That’s our show ladies and gentlemen, and a damn good one it was. Imma give it a solid 8/10, no bad matches, not much filler activity, just good, straight up action, and we have already started the build to January and our next big show, Hard to Kill. And Jonah made an Impact, so this is about to get interesting to finish the year. See ya’ll next time!

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