Impact Wrestling 1/13/22

Welcome back folks, to the unofficial Impact Wrestling review. At Hard to Kill we saw the beginnings of a burgeoning relationship with ROH. Will that continue? What’s next for the champs? Lets jump in and find out!!!!

W Morrissey opened the show hunting for Moose before making his way to the ring, where he called him out. Moose didn’t respond, and Morrissey said that makes sense since he had him beat dead in the ring for at least 10. Moose stole the title, and now he’s hiding to keep it. He told Moose to grow some balls and face him. He is not gonna stop until Moose gives him a title shot. Moose appeared on the tron. He said after all this time he never took Morrissey for a complainer. He says he had him beat. But he didn’t beat him. He will not be facing Morrissey tonight, because he’s already offered a title shot to someone who’s never had a shot before. Morrissey threatened him. Scott D’Amore caught him backstage and told him to stand down and allow the title match to happen.

The OG Kingdom invaded again, absolutely destroying DLo Brown before putting him through a table. Taven spent the entire time trash talking Tom Hannifan (Tom New Name) and DLo.

It was announced that tonight is the start of a 20 year anniversary celebration of TNA Impact Wrestling. Damn, they been around almost twice as along as WCW was.

We finally head back to the ring and get our first match. This will be an X-Division Showcase between Laredo Kid and Chris Bey. With DLo being carted out, Trey Miguel joined Tom on commentary. The match started quick with Bey teeing off on Laredo in the corners. They then traded some rapid fire counters before Laredo went airborn to the outside. Bey got up and responded in kind. They went to break, and came back with Bey still in control of the match. Laredo tried to fight out but Bey went power and maintained control, being vicious. Laredo finally got back in it with a nasty backdrop on the ropes from the apron, sending Bey to the floor hard, then hit a sick Suicide Dive to follow it up. He picked up the pace and chained some slams and sentons together. Bey managed to weather the storm and they once again traded strikes before Bey went back to the power game and chained some heavy slams and throws together. Laredo managed to back him into the corner and hit some strikes, before putting him on the top and hitting a picture perfect Laredo Fly for the win. 8/10. While in enjoyed this match, I can’t help but be slightly disappointed that they’re squashing the momentum that Bey built up during the feud between Bullet Club and FinJuice. Still, excellent match.

Team Edwards from Hardcore War agreed to hunt down and destroy the invading ROH faction to gain some revenge for what they did to DLo.

Brian Myers returned, and informed VSK and Zicky Dice that he’s super disappointed to the point of embarrassment. Dice informed him that he picked a good night to return than, because he can impress him tonight, because HE’S the one challenging for the World Title tonight. HUH?! Zicky frickin Dice? VSK would have been the better choice.

We go back to the ring, where we get to see the Impact debut of “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Ace & Fulton joined Tom on commentary because Bailey pinned Ace on BTI last week. Bailey and Jake exchanged speed vs power to start, with Jake getting the advantage, but Bailey countered with his agility until Jake caught him mid move and hit a nasty powerbomb on the apron. Bailey managed to survive and used some lethal strikes (kid got some wicked kicks from crazy angles!!) and athleticism to get back in it. He dropped him with those kicks, but Jake somehow hit a Falcon Arrow from a seated position (!!!), then stood up and hit another one. Bailey responded with a counter in the corner and then hit the Ultimate Weapon (not sure about that name) for the win. 7/10, this Bailey kid has the juice in the ring and is definitely impressive.

Violent By Design and Good Brothers were in the midst of an argument when Rhino and Heath wandered in looking for the rogue ROH group. They squashed the beef to commence a vicious beatdown of Rhino and Heath. The man has kids for God’s Sake!!!

Chelsea Green said Matt was this close to winning the title. And she was THIS CLOSE to winning the Ultimate X match, but they both got robbed when they should have won. They were interrupted by Tasha Steelz, who called them both losers. Chelsea challenged her to a match next week. She said absolutely.

Back to the ring we go, where Masha Slamovich will take on the debuting Vert Vixen. Masha opened the match with a violent kick to the face, then tossed her all over the ring by her hair. Vixen attempted to counter. All she succeeded in doing was pissing Masha off. Slamovich beat her up and hit a disgusting Death Valley Bomb for the win. 5/10, Masha is impressive but looks ridiculous and is extremely bland thus far.

Josh Alexander hit the ring. He said he’s been told to keep his emotions in check over and over. He beat Suzuki. He beat Jonah. He went through tables and coughed up blood but he’s never lost focus. He’s the uncrowned champ. Moose is avoiding him. Moose is going to have to go through him if he ever wants to put on another title match, he doesn’t care who the challenger is. And if he cant get another title shot, Impact might not be the place for him. He was interrupted by….Charlie Haas???!!!! Haas said he’s been watching Alexander for a while, and they’re the same. They came up the same, been through the same battles. Alexander is the standard of Impact, the pinnacle. And he wants a match with him. Josh said that while competing with Haas would be his honor, not until after he gets his title shot. If he fights him before that, Haas becomes just another obstacle in his path. Haas said, see, that’s the thing. Alexander is an obstacle for him. They came to blows, security broke it up, and Alexander accepted the match for next week!!! Haas vs Alexander? If Charlie can still go this should be a great match.

Mickie James met Rok C backstage. She said she’s impressed with what Rok has done but warned her that Deonna Purrazzo is super intense and aggressive. Rok said she’s ready.

Back to the ring, where we have our…Impact World Championship Match. Moose is really gonna take on Zicky Dice, Myers is on commentary (and not impressed with any of this). Dice immediately decked Moose, who no sold and hit ONE urinagi for the win. 3/10. That was unnecessary. After the match, Morrissey came out lookin for a fight. They came to blows, but Morrissey kicked Dice (who inexplicably was still in the ring AND in the way. Idiot.), allowing Moose to escape. Morrissey then got pissed and chokeslammed VSK (WHO INEXPLICABLY WAS STILL IN THE RING CHECKING ON DICE! GET THE HELL OUT DUMBASSES!!!!) as Moose reclaimed the World Title, which he dropped in the fight. Morrissey tried to chase after him but he hopped in a car and dipped.

Raj Singh came out to the ring. He went on an anti-American (or anti-everyone not him, hard to tell) rant and demanded an opponent. Jonah came out to answer his challenge. Oops.

Raj Singh vs. Jonah starts right now, with Scott D’Amore joining Tom on commentary. Raj went to the striking game early, until Jonah took his head off with a disgusting clothesline. Raj somehow managed to fight back, then got Samoan tossed (for lack of a better description). Then Jonah hit a huge Senton and the TSUUUUNAMIII! (Tom had a field day getting to call that again.) 6.5/10 if only because it was nice to see Jonah get right back on the winning track and destroy this dumb replay gimmick before it could start.

The Influence were trashing The IInspiration backstage. Decay interrupted and said since they have an open schedule, they want a match next week. They were interrupted by cries for help behind them. A door opened (weird place for a door but ok) and Eddie was down and in serious pain. Somebody took out Eddie Edwards!

Jonathan Gresham told Gia that he has nothing to do with any of what’s going on. He and the Foundation have been winning the war for ROH, and they fight for honor and Pure Wrestling. He was interrupted by Steve Maclin (?) who said he’s lying, called him dishonorable, and said nobody is buying it. Gresham said he’d be happy to show him next week. In an ROH World Championship Match. Under Pure Rules. Ok, weird flex by Maclin but it worked and that should be a helluva match!

And its now time for our main event. And this should be a helluva match. We have a title vs title, winner take all match, ROH Women’s Championship vs the Triple A Reina de Reinas Women’s Championship!! In one corner, we have the young up and comer, the Prodigy, the ROH Champion ROK C! And in the other corner, we have one of the baddest women on the planet, the Virtuosa, the Reina de Reinas Champion, Deonna Purrazzo! Matthew Rehwoldt reunited with Tom on commentary. The match started fast, with Rok C getting a quick take down and then curtseying. Deonna wasn’t impressed. They immediately went into a counter battle before Deonna narrowly escaped and attempt at the Rok Lock. They went to break, and when they came out of break Rok C was still in control, but Deonna caught her on the top rope and shoved her off to the floor. Deonna immediately went after her arm. Rok C fought back but Deonna went right back to the arm. Rok C managed to didge and counter and regain some control with some strikes and a Russian Leg Sweep, but her arm was still messed up and she couldn’t hold onto the Rok Lock. Deonna responded by hitting her own Russian and attempted the Fujiwara Arm Bar, but Rok countered and hit a nice Code Rok for 2. She went for it again but Deonna countered the Code Rok into the Fujiwara again, but Rok C managed to counter it this time and lock in the Rok Lock. Deonna survived and rolled her over into the Fujiwara and then the Venus De Milo for the win! Holy shit, Deonna is a dual champ! Deonna is ROH Women’s Champion!!!!!!! 9/10, great match, lots of good action and the wrestling was on point! After the match, Maria Kenellis-Bennet came out of nowhere and confronted Deonna, immediately staking her claim to the ROH title. The OG Kingdom, aka the Rogue ROH group, followed. Matt Rehwoldt hopped in the ring and came to her defense and immediately got the absolute crap kicked out of him by OGK. The Souljas (Swann and Mack) attempted to make the save and also got obliterated. For the second time in 5 nights the OG Kingdom stands tall in an Impact Ring!!!

Well damn, the ROH Invasion continues! For the first time in history we have crowned a new ROH champion in the middle of an Impact ring, but it came at a huge cost. What the hell are these ROH Intruders doing? What is their goal? We’ll find out next week hopefully. 7.5/10, a couple of unnecessary squash matches, but overall a good follow-up to Hard To Kill! See you on the next one!!!

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