Impact Wrestling review 2/10/22

Josh Alexander opened the show. He said without Impact, there may not be a Josh Alexander. He’s proud and honored to go to war with Impact against Honor No More. He said he’s a little confused though. Somehow he’s in control enough of his emotions to defend Impact but needs more control of his emotions before he can get his rematch. Meanwhile Moose can continuously jump people from behind, and Morrissey can literally trash a hotel room with Moose’s body and they get their match. He’s confused and he’s pissed, and on the other side of No Surrender he’s waiting for the winner. No more speed bumps, no more distractions, no more waiting. Big Kon (Konner) interrupted to make his Impact debut. Alexander said he knows how this goes, he’s gonna get this out of the way now, he’s ready to fight.

Big Kon vs Josh Alexander starts right now. Big Kon is all over Josh as soon as the bell rings, but Josh survived and locked in a quick Ankle Lock for the pin. 6/10. After the match he locked it back in and refused to let it go. Security and officials tried to pull him off and he dropped them. Then Scott D’Amore tried to pull him off and he decked Scott before he realized who it was. Scott looked more disappointed then anything. He kept his cool and reminisced about the career of Josh Alexander. He said he’s proud of Josh, and Josh got everything he wanted, so what the hell else does he want? What the hell could he still need? Josh said he needs Scott to be his coach, not his boss, or he needs him to get out of his way. He said he’s worked too damn hard to have it all slip through his fingers now. He’s gonna be champ again and the face of the company, and he’s gonna prove everything, the injuries, the pain, the embarrassment, was worth it. Scott said he gets it but there’s a process. Josh said screw the process, if he doesn’t get the rematch he’s earned, he might just walk. Scott said he has no choice, and pulled him from the No Surrender match. Then he told him to go home until he can get his stuff together. Josh said he is home and they’ll have to drag him out of the ring, he ain’t leaving. Scott said he knows him, and he knows he can be professional, and until he can act professional and sort all this out, he’s going home.

Steve Maclin approached Scott backstage and told him to put him on Team Impact at No Surrender. Scott said its not up to him and he’ll ask the team.

Back to the ring we go, where Deonna Purrazzo is ready for her first challenger for the Champ Champ Open Challenge. And that challenger was none other than Santana Garrett!!!!! She chose the ROH Women’s Championship, and we’re off and running. Santana tried to surprise Deonna with her quickness and athleticism but Purrazzo countered with her smarts. Deonna took over, going to work on Garrett’s arm. Santana managed to counter back into it and use that athleticism. Purrazzo hit a pump kick and Santana immediately responded with a beautiful superkick. Deonna hit an inverted Russian Leg Sweep into the Koji Klutch. Santana countered that into a pin, then hit a massive haymaker left hand counter. She came off the top, but Deonna caught her in the Fujiwara Arm Bar. Santana tried to roll out and Deonna countered her into a pin for the win. 7.5/10, that was actually a damn good match, though that ending may have been botched with how quickly Santana bailed the ring after.

Team Impact told Scott it was a huge mistake to cut Josh. He said he had to make a business decision, hard as it was, and told them to pick a new partner. Sabin said they should pick Jonathan Gresham because of his issues with Honor No More and Scott said go ask him.

To the ring we go, where Mickie James will face off against her friend Chelsea Green in non-title action. The match started evenly with both Knockouts jockeying for position and the familiarity coming into play. Green tried to use her size, and Mickie tried to counter with her speed and athleticism. Everything stayed pretty much even until Mickie took advantage of the distraction by Tasha Steelz, who was at ringside, which Green had taken a brief advantage of moments before. Mickie hit the flap jack, but Green dodged the attempt at the Thesz Press. Mickie dodged the I’m Prettier, Green dodged the Mickie-T and then hit Tasha’s Boricua Cutter. That offended Tasha and she threw a trash can into the ring. Green came to the apron and Evans dropped her on the apron, prompting the ref to call for the DQ. 6.5/10, actually a great match but absolutely crap ending. It was unnecessary but I get it, keeps Mickie’s momentum and sets Green up for a future title match and possible heel turn.

Bhupinder Gujjar told Gia that being in Impact is a dream come true, the culmination of years of grinding and working. Raj Singh interrupted and again Gujjar left him hanging. Singh seemed confused and disappointed.

The IInspiration convinced Kaleb with a K to do a photo shoot of them on the new phone they gave him last week, and he hesitantly did until the Influence interrupted and told him he needs to get it together and to delete the pictures.

Bullet Club came out to the ring. King Switch said he’s back and this time he brought some friends along in the form of GOD. Tonga Loa said they’re the future champs and they’re gonna beat the Good Brothers all over the Bayou. White said the Good Brothers recruited Violent By Design because they so badly want to make their own Bullet Club and VBD is a wannabe Bullet Club. VBD came out. Young said they are no wannabe anything, they’re a real family unit. They’re not clinging something a decade old that they didn’t create and no one cares about anymore. This world belongs to them. Jay said Bullet Club is always on top. He said VBD is not Bullet Club and EY is not Jay White. Eric said ok, then why wait til No Surrender, why not have a 6-Man Tag next week. White said ok, but why wait til next week. Good Brothers interrupted. They said this is a good time to get the thank you they deserve for everything the Bullet Club has since they created it and made it. Tama Tonga said thank you for leaving. He ran down the list of their failed attempts at recreating the Bullet Club since. Gallows said they’d dominated every company they’ve been in. Tonga countered that they’ve been fired from everywhere. He said the only place they’ve never been fired from was Bullet Club, but that will be rectified at No Surrender.

Backstage, somebody apparently took out Jonathan Gresham. Looks like Team Impact is still down a man and running out of options.

Matt Cardona said there would be no Digital Media Championship without him, he literally created the concept. So it only makes sense that he is the champ.

Back to the ring we go, its time for the OG Kingdom vs. Swann and Rhino. This match started fast between Swann and Taven, with each rocking the other with big shots. Both sides got testy quick, so the ref tossed both teams from ringside. Swann tried to take advantage but got double teamed by the Kingdom and Bennett maintained control of the match. Swann managed to weather the storm and actually fought back against the 2-on-1. He finally tagged in Rhino, and he came in on fire and cleaned house. Maria hit him with a powder bomb to the face behind the ref’s back and Taven took advantage with the Climax for the win. 7/10, decent match. They hit the Proton Pack on Swann after the match, then after Cary Silkin at ringside before Maclin came out and took out Bennett and chased off Taven, who escaped into the ring and got cut in half with a gore.

Backstage, the ROH execs showed Maclin love for the save, but he said he didn’t do it for them, he did it for Impact. He told Team Impact, like it or not they need him at No Surrender because they’re going to war and everyone knows his background. Sabin agreed and they welcomed him grudgingly to Team Impact.

Giselle Shaw made her debut, first on BTI before the show by upstaging Lady Frost after she got a big win, then by insulting poor Gia during an interview backstage. She then challenged Lady Frost to a match next week.

Out to the ring we return, where W Morrissey is ready to take on Brian Myers in a No DQ match. Morrissey took out Zicky Dice on the floor on the way to the ring before manhandling Myers inside it. VSK got involved and Myers hit the Roster Cut. They set up dual tables on each side of the ring and Morrissey immediately booted Dice off the apron through one. VSK and Myers managed to jump him but they struggled to set him up on the other one, and he stopped whatever they had planned by dropping Myers on the apron and then putting VSK through the table. Morrissey violently took over but Myers managed to weather the storm and use some craftiness and dirtiness to get back in it. Then he used a kendo stick and hit a massive ramp DDT. He got him back in the ring but he kicked out at 1 so Myers kicked the violence up a few notches, then introduced duct tape into the match. He taped him into the corner then wailed on him with a kendo stick and taunts. Then he brought in trash cans. He teed off some more, then hit a wicked coast to coast with the can. He then made his last mistake of the match. He freed Morrissey from the corner to try to pin him. Morrissey kicked out. Myers went for the Roster Cut, which Morrissey dodged and went apeshit, hitting some massive splashes in the corner and then wailing on him until he broke a kendo stick. He then hit the BQE, then rolled out of the ring and introduced the BLACK BAG from under the ring, which obviously contained thumbtacks. He then hit Myers with two more BQE’s into the tacks for the win. 7.5/10, surprisingly good match. After the match, Moose jumped him the title belt. Then he choked him with a chair, wrapped another chair around his neck, and smashed it with the first chair and threw him against the post, Then he hit him three more times, then hit him again on the ground. Damn you Moose!!!!!

That was a good show, 7.5/10, the violence got ramped up a couple of notches as we get closer to No Surrender. But will Morrissey even make it to the title match now after that vicious attack? Guess we’ll find out next week!!!

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