Impact Wrestling Review 2/3/22

We’re gonna hop right into this, ya’ll already know what I’m here for. To bring you the juicy, juicy action of Impact Wrestling. Let’s go.

We open the show with a title match as Jordynne Grace defends against Matt Cardona for the Digital Media Championship. Match actually started with handshake. Cardona then immediately ran over Grace and seemed to regret it. They traded counters, then Grace tried to return the favor and run through Cardona, but that didn’t work so she went low and tripped him instead. They traded counters until Cardona suplexed her into the corner and immediately showed remorse again. He took over and used his size advantage to toss her around the ring. He showed a lot of hesitancy and trepidation after each big shot. Grace finally took advantage of his hesitancy with a vicious spinebuster, then attacked his knee. She then hit a nasty combo in the corner that she finished off with a huge Vader Bomb for 2. Cardona responded with a huge boot to the face, more hesitancy, then the Reboot in the corner. That got a 2 count. Grace caught him on the top rope and sent him to the floor into the timekeeper’s area. He tried to bring the belt in the ring but the ref caught him and stopped him. While the ref had his back turned disposing of the belt, Grace went for a dive and he nailed her in the face with a chair. He laughed and hit the Radio Silence for the win. 7/10, actually a pretty good match, and we have a new Digital Media Champion to open the nigh, and asshole Cardona from GCW has arrived in Impact apparently.

W Morrissey caused absolute devastation backstage, destroying everyone in sight hunting down Brian Myers and the Learning Tree. He finally found them, demolished VSK, literally threw Zicky Dice out of the arena, and stalked Myers, but security intervened. After the break, Scott D’Amore put Morrissey in a no DQ match with Myers next week, then told him that Moose isn’t even in the building tonight because he sent him back to the hotel. That was apparently what Morrissey needed to hear, as he left smiling. Uh oh.

Back to the ring, where we have Jonah facing off against Crazzy Steve. Jonah immediately overpowered Steve but Steve managed to counter with his speed and some well-placed elbows. Jonah overpowered him again, hit the Samoan Toss, then hit the running Senton and the Tsunami for a quick win. 6/10. After the match, he tried to continue the onslaught but Taurus got in the ring and Jonah backed down.

For some odd reason, The IInspiration gifted Kaleb with a K a brand new iPhone. And apparently they had their pic on it as the wallpaper. Lucky bastard.

Back to the ring, we have a non-title rematch from two weeks ago as Steve Maclin faced Jonathan Gresham in a standard match. Maclin rushed him as soon as the bell rang, but Gresham managed to counter him with speed and agility. They started countering each other move for move, evenly matched. Gresham out wrestled him and gained the advantage. Maclin responded by slingshotting him throat first into the top rope right before the break. Coming out of the break, Maclin went to town on his back, mixing in some brutal strikes and some nasty backbreakers. They traded some more counters and Maclin got super frustrated. They started trading strikes before Gresham got on his horse and got moving. Gresham used the ropes to his advantage, which pissed Maclin off to the point that he snapped and repeatedly hit him in the ropes until the ref dq’ed him. 7.5/10, great match. After the match, Maclin nailed him with the Crosshairs then locked in a Boston Crab until Honor No More came out and jumped him, eventually hitting the Proton Pack. They tried to get Gresham to join in their celebration, but he walked out, locking eyes with Josh Alexander as Josh came out for his match against Vincent.

We go right into our next match, where Josh Alexander will go one on one with Vincent. Strangely Josh came alone while Vincent brought all of Honor No More with him as expected. Taven immediately distracted Josh which allowed Vincent the early advantage but Josh quickly turned it around. He immediately went to the power game with multiple slams and suplexes. A Maria distraction allowed Vincent to turn it around on a dime, and he maintained control with a combo of power, speed, and unorthodox offense. He stayed aggressive and smothered Josh. Alexander finally powered out of a Guillotine with a huge suplex. He kept the pressure on with vicious strikes and a gorgeous Chaos Theory for 2. Taven tried to distract again and failed, so Vincent used the ref and then hit the Redrum for a 2 count. Josh countered an attempted go-behind with the Ankle Lock and every member of Honor No More tried to take him out but he fought them all off. They surrounded the ring and Team Impact finally came out and fought them off. While they were brawling on the outside, Alexander attacked the ankle and locked Vincent in the Ankle Lock for the win. 7.5/10. After the match, Kenny King came out of nowhere and dropped Alexander. Damn, the King has arrived and is the fifth member of Team Honor No More!

Morrissey found Moose’s hotel room. He literally kicked the door in and proceeded to absolutely maul Moose all over the room, beating the absolute brakes off the man.

We go back to the ring, where Bhupinder Gujjar is set to make his Impact debut against John Skyler. Gujjar showed some crazy agility for a bigger guy early, but Skyler was able to shut him down. He kept the pressure on until Gujjar caught him with a wicked powerslam. He picked up the pace and aggression, then went airborne and showed off his freakish speed and athleticism. He finished it off with a huge Spear from the second rope. 7/10, impressive debut. After the match, Raj Singh tried to come out and celebrate with him but he seemed to have zero interest and walked off, leaving Raj hanging.

Mickie James said that kicking down the door and participating in the Royal Rumble was an honor despite coming up short. Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans interrupted and Steelz talked that trash. James said if she could wrestle even half as well as she can run her mouth she’d have already been champion by now. Evans bowed up but Chelsea Green popped up and backed up Mickie. They left, and Mickie told Green she can have her match next week.

Back to the ring we go, where Masha Slamovitch looked to continue her dominance against Kaci Lennox. This was a very short match, with Masha hitting a couple of well-placed kicks, followed by a disgusting backfist, and then finished her off with the Russian Death Device. 5/10, she’s impressive if nothing else.

Deonna Purrazzo said she IS the State of the Knockouts. She ran down her already long list of accomplishments then announced that next week she will start the Champ Champ open challenge where anyone anywhere can face her for whichever title they want.

To the ring we return where Bullet Club will face off against Mike Bailey, Ace Austin, Madman Fulton, and Jake Something. Speedball and Jay White opened the match, but Bey immediately tagged himself in. They traded counters and then White tagged himself back in and beat down Bailey. Each member of the Bullet Club tagged in and hit moves while White suplexed Bailey. Bailey finally countered Bey and tagged in Jake but Fulton immediately tagged out Jake and himself in. Bullet Club took advantage of the brief unrest and dropped Fulton. Team Ace then countered by dropping BC, then Fulton violently dropped Bey on the apron. Coming back from commercial, team Ace maintained their control, isolating Bey with quick tags and double teams. Bey managed to weather the storm and finally countered Ace, but Ace managed to recover and prevent the tag before tagging in Madman. Bey was able to actually fight off both Ace and Fulton and he finally tagged in Switchblade, but Speedball tagged in as well and took it to King Switch with some rapid fire kicks. Jay countered and Mike immediately countered back and then Ace tagged himself back in, which pissed of Jake Something on the apron who still hasn’t gotten into this match. Jake and Fulton argued, which allowed Tama Tonga to tag in and take over on Ace. He dropped Ace, then dropped Fulton and Jake on the apron. Fulton got in illegally and G.O.D. hit him with the Magic Killer for it. They tried to hit one on Ace too but Speedball intervened and saved Ace. They double teamed Bailey instead. Bey tagged himself in and tried to hit a Frogsplash but Ace blocked it. He refused to tag Jake until Bey shoved him into the corner forcing the tag. Something got in and proceeded to absolutely wreck everyone in BC. Bullet Club returned the favor with a nasty triple team, then held him and allowed Bey to hit the Art of Finesse. 8/10, perfect mix of chaos and continuity. After the match, the Good Brothers and Violent by Design jumped Bullet Club and beat them down as the show went off the air.

Well, things are certainly heating up on the road to No Surrender. I give this episode a 7.5/10, good action, and even good build for the coming show. This ROH vs. Impact Storyline is heating up and getting good, the addition of Kenny King, a man who is very familiar with Impact and has held gold there, was very big and the perfect fit.

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