Impact Wrestling Review 2/17/22

Things are gettin hot leading up to No Surrender on Saturday. This is the go home show, what the hell else can happen to screw with this card? No Alexander, no Gresham, and after that attack last week, are we even gonna have Morrissey? Lets get into it and find out. Welcome to the review!!!!

The show opened with the Impact World Championship Contract signing. Moose came out. Morrissey did not, and there was only one chair set up. Moose said he seriously doubt Morrissey will be able to sign this contract after last week, let alone even make it to No Surrender. He said he knows Scott D’Amore is fully aware what he’s capable of. Scott said that Moose’s confidence is the thing he loves the most about him. Moose said Scott has had to make some decisions lately, and he should be prepared to send yet another wrestler home after No Surrender when he ends Morrissey. He signed the contract and went to leave, but he was met on the stage by none other than W Morrissey! Morrissey hit a huge boot to the head, chokeslammed him off the stage through a table, then signed the contract and threw it on top of him. Guess we have a match. How the hell this dude still walking after last week?

Bullet Club guaranteed that they will be walking out of No Surrender with three W’s and a shiny new set of titles after they win all their matches.

We go back out to the ring for our opening match, where Masha Slamovich will look to continue her dominance at the expense of Kiah Dream. She gave Kiah a free shot, then hit a Burning Hammer and followed it with the Russian Death Device for the win. 4/10, ready for an actual match with this chick, that’s quite enough squashes. No idea who they could have her face that can afford a loss though.

The action continues after the break, with our next match. Ace Austin (w/Madman Fulton) vs. Laredo Kid vs the returning Blake Christian!! This match was fast and furious, starting with Austin taking out Blake and going at it with Laredo. Laredo got sent to the floor, followed by Ace, but when Christian went for the dive he bounced off Fulton instead. Laredo immediately followed and dropped Fulton. Meanwhile, Ace took down Blake, and then Laredo dropped Ace. The action was all over the place, every man trying to gain the speed advantage. Blake took out Laredo, and then he and Ace exchanged some big shots. Laredo hit the Moonsault, then went for the Uno Mas, and Ace dodged the second. Blake finally took over the match and got the longest string of offense, hitting huge dives on both Ace and Laredo. He isolated Laredo and went for the Split Leg but it was blocked. Ace dragged Laredo to the outside, but Blake followed with the backflip into the double reverse DDT on the floor! Blake went for more, but Fulton saved Ace. Blake dived into Fulton and dropped him instead. Then he hit a nasty Inseguiri to Ace. He got back in the ring and came face to face with Laredo Kid. They exchanged counters until Laredo hit an absolutely disgusting Poisoned Rana on Blake. He followed that with a beautiful Frogsplash but Ace broke up the pinfall. Ace hit a wicked kick to Laredo, then turned right into the running Spanish Fly by Christian. Blake dropped Ace again, then hit a ridiculous 450 Stomp, but Ace survived and hit a nice Springboard Fold on Blake for the win. 7.5/10, excellent match.

Decay told Jonah that the match with Crazzy Steve a couple weeks ago was simply research. Now he has to face a real monster at No Surrender….Black Taurus.

The IInspiration dug their sexy nails a little further into the heart of Kaleb with a K, flirting and further seducing him to their side. How did this lil punk get so lucky to have these four women fighting for him?

Back to the ring, we have Giselle Shaw making her in-ring debut against Lady Frost. Frost got the early advantage, surprising Shaw with her agility but Shaw was able to counter back in almost immediately. Frost continued to use that agility and creativity to regain the advantage. Shaw responded with power and viciousness. They exchanged some heavy shots, and Shaw gained the advantage momentarily. They exchanged more heavy shots and Frost turned the momentum around. She dropped her and hit the Temperature Drop, but Shaw kicked out. Shaw returned fire, hitting a huge top rope Spanish Fly, and Shaw kicked out. Shaw finally put the nail in the coffin with a beautiful 2nd rope corkscrew for the win. 7/5/10, that was actually a really, really good match. A lot of great back and forth. This further enforces why I personally think the Knockouts Division is quietly the best Women’s Division in wrestling.

We keep the action going with our first of two matches between Team Impact and Honor No More leading into No Surrender, as Kenny King takes on Chris Sabin. Kenny quickly dropped Sabin and rolled out to celebrate with Honor No More. He rolled back in and they had a quick back and forth before Sabin dropped Kenny and then celebrated with Team Impact. They roll back in and have another quick back and forth, until the distraction by Taven gave Kenny the advantage. He managed to keep Chris grounded with strong strikes and holds. Sabin managed to counter back in and upped the quickness until they started countering each other, leading to dual clotheslines. Sabin recovered first and started to fly around the ring, hitting a few quick moves before nailing a massive Tornado DDT. He went for the Cradleshock but King blocked it. King went for the Royal Flush and Sabin blocked. Kenny hit a big Spinebuster, but missed a dive. He responded by nailing a punt. He countered a cross body but his attempt at the double hatch was blocked. Sabin responded with a nasty pinpoint superkick, then King hit a vicious Snapdragon and a Tiger Driver. He went for the pin but Sabin turned it around for a counter pin and got the win. 8/10, now THAT’S how you have a match to build for a ppv!!!! These two just put on a clinic, not that I’m surprised, King and Sabin always go hard in the ring.

The action continues with a preview of No Surrender, as Mickie James and Chelsea Green take on Tasha Steelz and Savannah Evans. James and Green gained the early advantage with a double team to Evans. Evans survived and overpowered James. Tasha got in and started with the strikes, but Mickie used her agility to counter out. Green tagged in and overpowered Tasha, then used her agility to maintain the advantage. Evans distracted Green on the top rope, Steelz fought her off, then Evans tossed Green off the top. Green got back in it and her and Steelz went back and forth, with Green attempting multiple pins, and Tasha responding with multiple power strikes. Mickie provided a distraction, which allowed Green to counter Steelz. Steelz responded by dropping Mickie. Evans in, and Green tagged out but the ref was distracted and didn’t see it. Steelz and Evans isolated Green with quick tags and double teams, but she weathered the storm and finally countered out and tagged in Mickie. Mickie used her quickness to get all over Evans, forcing her to tag out. Steelz got in and Mickie immediately dropped her, repeatedly. Then she dropped Evans on the apron. Mickie hit a pinpoint Mick Kick, but Evans broke up the pin. Mickie nailed Evans with the Mickie-T, but that allowed Steelz to nail her with the Crucifx Bomb for the win. 7/10, pretty damn good tag match. Steelz can go, glad to see her finally getting some respect.

Brian Myers ended the Learning Tree after what happened against Morrissey last week. He cut both VSK and Zicky Dice. How Sad.

Its time for our Main Event of the evening. In the final preview match before No Surrender, we have Violent By Design going 3-on-3 with Bullet Club in a first time ever match. White and Young opened the match, trading holds and strikes in rapid succession. White gained the first advantage of the match and tagged in Tonga Loa. Young managed to wriggle away and tagged in Deaner. Loa dropped Deaner and tagged in Tama Tonga, and they hit a vicious double team on Deaner. Deaner managed to tag out to Joe Doering, who immediately overpowered Tama, then dropped all three in rapid succession. Bullet Club responded with a Triple Team, then the Guerrillas dropped Young and Deaner. VBD managed to turn the tables and used quick tags and double teams to isolate Tama. Tama finally managed to counter out and tagged in Loa. Doering tagged in and we got ourselves a hoss fight between Tonga Loa and Joe Doering. They threw some bombs and shoulder blocks at each other to a Stalemate. They both tagged out, Young and White tagged in. Jay hit a massive chop assault in the corner, then followed with a nasty uppercut and the Final Cut. G.O.D. hit a Magic Killer on Doering. They went for another on Deaner and Young made the save, and they took out the Guerrillas. They turned their attention to White and hit a double team on him. He managed to kick out. He got back in it, dropping Young, and then G.O.D. hit a 3D on Deaner, followed by a Two Post Massacre, and then the pin by Jay White. 7.5 /10, a little more chaotic than I would have liked but overall a damn good match between two great factions. After the match, the Good Brothers came out and they had a Staredown with Bullet Club until the show went off the air.

Well, that’s it ladies and gentlemen. We have reached No Surrender, and tensions could not be higher. Can Team Impact put an end to Honor No More? Will Morrissey be the man that unseats Moose? Will we get a major return or debut? Find out in the next review! I give this show a 7.5/10, excellent build up for No Surrender.

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