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Impact Wrestling 1/27/22

Our opening contest is an X-Division match between Chris Bey and Jake Something. Before the match, Matthew Rehwoldt arrived and announced that he is the replacement for the near future for DLo Brown. Bey started the match fast with a dropkick and then those lethal kicks he’s become known for. Jake survived the initial onslaught and hit a huge body

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Impact Wrestling review 10/28/21

Welcome back folks, tonight we get all the fallout from a huge, shocking Bound For Glory! Everything has changed, so let’s get it on! Moose opened the show, carrying his shiny new Impact World Championship. He was interrupted immediately by Eddie Edwards, wielding Kenny. Eddie went to town, lighting up Moose with Kenny, but Moose fought back and security broke

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Impact Wrestling Bound For Glory 2021 review

Its time folks. Its all been building to this. Everyone jockeying for position, all the posturing, comes to a culmination. Let’s not waste any more time. Our opening match is the Knockouts Tag Team Championship match. Decay defends against the debuting Inspiration. Inspiration came out to a live performance of their entrance theme and massive crowd response. Rosemary started the

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Impact Wrestling Review 10/14/21

Welcome ladies and gentlemen, we have reached the second to last Impact before Bound For Glory. Anything can happen tonight as everyone jockeys for position before the big show. Let’s get right to it! We open the action with the final X-Division Championship Triple Threat Qualifier between Willie Mack, El Phantasmo, and Rohit Raju. This match started out En Fuego,

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Impact Review 9/30/21

Hello again peeps! Sorry for the delay, but I’m about to go hard in the paint and get you all caught up to Bound For Glory! Let’s get this show on the road! Opening match: Laredo Kid vs Trey Miguel vs Alex Zayne, X-Division Championship qualifier. This match started out fast and En Fuego, with all 3 wrestlers trading athletic

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