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Impact Wrestling Review 2/3/22

We’re gonna hop right into this, ya’ll already know what I’m here for. To bring you the juicy, juicy action of Impact Wrestling. Let’s go. We open the show with a title match as Jordynne Grace defends against Matt Cardona for the Digital Media Championship. Match actually started with handshake. Cardona then immediately ran over Grace and seemed to regret

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Impact Wrestling 1/27/22

Our opening contest is an X-Division match between Chris Bey and Jake Something. Before the match, Matthew Rehwoldt arrived and announced that he is the replacement for the near future for DLo Brown. Bey started the match fast with a dropkick and then those lethal kicks he’s become known for. Jake survived the initial onslaught and hit a huge body

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Impact Wrestling 1/13/22

Welcome back folks, to the unofficial Impact Wrestling review. At Hard to Kill we saw the beginnings of a burgeoning relationship with ROH. Will that continue? What’s next for the champs? Lets jump in and find out!!!! W Morrissey opened the show hunting for Moose before making his way to the ring, where he called him out. Moose didn’t respond,

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Impact Wrestling Review 11/18/21

We’re back ladies and gentlemen with another review of that sweet, sweet Impact action. This is the final show before Turning Point and anything can happen as everyone is trying to gain the advantage. Let’s get into it! Our opening match of the evening features Maclin trying to get himself right back into the X-Division championship picture against the current

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